US Marshals caught Oklahoma fugitive accused molesting a 6-month-old, sharing video in Texas

Authorities said Thursday that a man from Bryce Gage Watkins, Oklahoma, accused him of molesting a 6-month-old baby, recording it and sharing it on social media.

Marshals joined the victim of the 22-year-old suspect earlier this week after state and local authorities fled for several weeks.

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force raised him to $ 10,000 after offering a bounty for hours in Texas.

(Oklahoma City Police Department)

After coming to a tip, Marshall stabbed him at a colleague’s home in San Marcos, Texas at 3:30 in the afternoon, Marshall said in a press release.

Watkins faces a handful of charges in connection with the incident, which he is accused of filming and sending at least two women to.

Enid News reported that one of the women turned the video over to police Aug. 11 after investigators reported that she identified the child in the video and it was filmed at the victim’s home. He was a friend of the child’s mother.


The other woman told police that she found the video with the message, “Whose child is it according to the outlet”.

The two women allegedly told investigators that they believed Watkins was seen molesting the child in the video.

The case gained national attention and went viral on social media. After Watkins’ photos were widely circulated online, he remains in custody.

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The charges include a felony of distribution of child pornography, three acts with a child under the age of 12 according to the Marshals Service and an additional count of child pornography manufacturing.

According to officials, the victim turned 1 in June.

Police said in mid-August in Enid, Okla., Where the alleged crime took place, that they believed their counterparts in Norman took Watkins into custody. But that suspect turned out to be someone else, prompting an interstate search for Watkins this week.