U’s M responds after student’s viral video criticizes quarantine housing

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) – The University of Michigan is responding after a video criticizing its quarantine housing procedures for students testing positive for the virus.

Michigan student Sam Bernstein posted a video on Tiktok describing his situation.

“We were given no food, no masks, no gloves, no microwaves, no sheets, no soap, no cleaning supplies – nothing” Bernstein said.

Bernstein challenged the university’s president, Mark Schisil, to spend one night in a quarantine apartment to experience it for himself.

Bernstein says he is glad that the video got attention that he did.

The student said, “It was not a shame for the university here to actually call the bot, I think, an important oversight on their part.”

A University of Michigan spokesman responded to Bernstein’s claims with comments below:

Students are not required to use the quarantine accommodation of the university and some prefer to return to their permanent residence for quarantine.

If students require transportation to quarantine accommodation, the university provides transportation through our Division of Public Safety and Security.

Students are able to bring with them what they need to be comfortable while in quarantine.

Each single-occupant apartment includes a furnished bedroom, which includes sheets, blankets and pillows. Each kitchen has a refrigerator and oven. Microwaves are being purchased for each apartment.

Michigan Dining, which distributes food by request for those with a meal plan, will soon have all meals delivered in microwave packaging.

Student Life staff members meet with students via phone or email every day. They have been asked to share any concerns during check-in.

Students are able to call the University Health Service at 734-764-8320, day or night, to speak with the nurse.

We also want to make sure that you are aware that we have a dashboard that is updated daily to track the number of tests and positive cases on campus. Public health notifications are accessible via a link on the left side of the dashboard. The dashboard can be found here.

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