US Kovids Located Near High Water Marks, Hike Midwest Cripps East

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The Kovid-19 pandemic is near its previous high-water mark in the US as a boom that begins in more populated areas east of the high Midwest drift.

Seven day average According to data from the most recent Kovid tracking project, new cases increased to 61,141 on Thursday. It is now reaching the country’s previous peak of 66,844, set on July 23, when Florida and Texas led the rise in the Sun Belt.

The virus is still hitting Dakota, Montana, and Wisconsin the hardest, but the dangerous trend is slowly moving to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and even Pennsylvania. This spread is occurring in growing cases in New Jersey, Connecticut and other parts of the Northeast.

Midwest surge moves east

Cases per million per day in select states

Source: COVID Tracking Project

The country is also moving more Testing during the last two viral waves reveals more cases than this. No wave has yet occurred in March and April compared to any wave that devastated New York City, when the test was more pronounced. but Positivity rates and hospital management indicate an outbreak that is expanding despite the country’s surveillance capability.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 223,000 Americans have died of the virus.

According to data from the Kovid tracking project:

  • Cases are increasing All four Census Bureau areas, but the Midwest remain three times worse per capita than the Northeast, twice as much as the West and 72% worse than the South.
  • Ohio, Indiana, New Mexico, Montana and Utah set a one-day record in new cases on Thursday.
  • The worst per capita conditions in the last seven days are North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin and Idaho.

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