US Kovid Hospitalization on Seas of First Decline in months

On January 11, at Providence St. Mary's Medical Center in Apple Valley, a registered nurse gives a Covid-19 patient.

Photographer: Ariana Drisler / AFP via Getty Image

The number of Kovid-19 patients hospitalized this week was broadly flat, and would likely start declining for the first time since September.

According to the Kovid tracking project in both the Northeast and Midwest, the numbers are now decreasing compared to a week ago. In the West, they were 0.8% by percentage, the lowest since 1 October. The South has the most dangerous momentum, with a 4.2% increase from seven days ago.

The most recent epidemic wave has packed medical facilities, desperate for a reprieve. According to the Tracking Project data, hospitals across the country are currently caring for more than 130,000 Kovid patients, more than double the weight at any earlier point.

American Hospitalization Pace

Week-to-week changes in people currently hospitalized with Kovid-19

Source: COVID Tracking Project in Atlantic

Although encouraging, the trend reflects a slowdown at an extremely fast pace – and may not last. The holiday incubation period is now coming to an end, and unmasked crowds and mass crowds in the US Capitol celebrated the football victory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, possibly spreading the virus in recent times. Have at least 10 states A total of 72 cases of a new, more infectious variant were reported.

The country posted 213,885 Kovid-19 cases on Tuesday, pushing the seven-day average to 246,133, Kovid tracking project data show.

At least 380,825 people have died Data from Johns Hopkins University.

According to tracking project data:

  • No state reported record cases on Tuesday.
  • Arizona has the most residents currently hospitalized with the per capita virus at 698 per million.
  • Arizona also had the most new cases per million at 1,176, followed by Wyoming.


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