US Kovid-19 hospitalization hit highest level in nearly six weeks

The US reported more than 41,000 new coronovirus infections, while hospitals in many parts of the country experienced an increasing number of viral disease-infected patients.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, Monday’s figures bring the total to people who confirm that coronovirus in the US is over 7.8 million. The death toll crossed 215,000.

American hospitals are now at their highest level since Sept 2, according to data from the Kovid Tracking Project. As of Monday, 35,056 patients were hospitalized across the country, up 16% from the level a week earlier. While hospitals are growing, they are still lower than the July daily high of over 59,000.

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  • US cases have increased by more than 41,000
  • Hospital at the highest level since 2 September
  • India reports the smallest increase in new cases in about two months

Arkansas Village. Asa Hutchinson warned that high-level hospitals in the state were disrupting the system of health services and urged residents to “work together to reduce our cases” via Twitter.

There are also hospitalizations in New Jersey, where the state’s seven-day Kovid-19 cases exceeded 700 for the fifth straight day on Monday, a benchmark New Jersey last hit in early June. More than 600 people are hospitalized in the state due to Kovid-19, up from around 400 in September. When the state was at its peak in April, more than 6,000 people were hospitalized.

The US territories are in Guam, the highest level since hospitalization, with 62 civilian hospitals and three islands in the US Naval Hospital.

The daily reported the death of Kovid-19 in the US

Note: For all 50 states and DC, US territories and cruises. Last update

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

Daily reported Kovid-19 cases in the US

Note: For all 50 states and DC, US territories and cruises. Last update

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

California: Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state has increased the rate of daily tests to 125,000 on average. The state conducted 169,000 tests on Saturday, Mr. Newsom said in a briefing on Monday. The state also said that 95% of local health departments were contacting people who tested positive for the virus on the same day, they received test results, an effect of effectiveness in contact tracing to slow the spread of the virus. Important measures.

Since the number of American coronoviruses exceeds 200,000, public health experts point to a series of misunderstandings and misconceptions in the country’s response. Here’s a look at how America became the epicenter of the global epidemic. Photo Illustration: Carter Mackall / WSJ


Johnson & Johnson stated that this prevented all experimental trials of its experimental Kovid-19 vaccine from proceeding because one study volunteer had an unexplained disease. The pause affects all J & J vaccine trials, including a larger Phase 3 trial that began in September and was to enroll as 60,000 people in the US and several other countries. An independent data-security monitoring board is reviewing the study subject’s disease, the company said.

American outbreak monitoring
Cases confirmed by state, based on latest full-day calculations
Daily confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants

Note: The trend indicates whether the total cases in a state had increased or decreased in the last seven days as compared to the previous seven days. Last update

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering; the Lancet; The Associated Press; Census of america

Average new daily Kovid-19 cases in the most recent week, per 100,000 people

Note: last updated The modified values ​​have negative values.

Source: Johns Hopkins University (Cases); Census Bureau (Population)

Re-infection: A Nevada man became the first published case of Kovid-19 re-creation in the US, in a paper in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, a group of authors, in which researchers at the University of Nevada described the case of a 25-year-old man, Two bouts were faced. Of the Kovid-19 infection, one confirmed through testing in mid-April and another in early June. Symptoms of the second case began in late May, a month after the patient reported her initial symptoms as resolving.


India: Data from the Ministry of Health showed that there were 55,342 new cases in the country, the lowest single-day in nearly two months. The ministry said India’s death toll rose from 706 to 109,856. While infection is slow in most parts of the country, the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala and the eastern state of West Bengal are still grappling with a rising case.

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Italy: There are plans for new restrictions advising households against limiting operations in bars and restaurants to host more than six guests in the country and to prevent the spread of infection. Hospitality outlets will no longer be able to serve customers standing after 9pm, although table services may continue until midnight under the new measures. The number of new coronovirus cases has increased rapidly in recent times. The daily infection for the first time since the initial peak of the epidemic in March crossed 5,000 on Friday.

Spain According to data from Spain’s Ministry of Health, there have been about 28,000 new coronovirus cases since Friday. From 195 to Friday, the death toll rose to 33,124. Spain, unlike many other countries, does not report coronovirus data over the weekend. The number of new cases has decreased since the new peak of around 16,000 on 18 September.

South Korea: The new cases came back above 100, taking the total to 24,805. South Korea has relaxed some social-troubling measures in recent times, removing limits on ceremonies and allowing the reopening of karaoke bars and buffet restaurants. But the country is embarking on other measures and requires people to wear face masks on public transport and medical facilities on Tuesday.

Japan: For the first time in a week, Japan registered fewer than 300 new cases. There are now around 89,700 total cases in the country and 1,634 deaths have been recorded, including five additional deaths on Tuesday.

Australia: In the state of New South Wales, authorities report 13 new coronovirus cases, seven of which were local. Health officials in Sydney are concerned about the increase in recent cases and are urging people to get tested. In the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is still in relatively strict lockdown, authorities reported 12 new cases and one new death, leading to the nation’s death of 899.

Singapore: Health officials said that no new cases aired locally on Tuesday in the city-state have surfaced – for the first time since February, local cases have come to naught. Four cases were detected in travelers entering Singapore from abroad. A total of 57,884 cases and 28 deaths have been reported in Singapore.

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