US global perception is at two-decade low

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More than 194,000 people have died with Kovid-19, according to Johns Hopkins data

According to a global survey, America’s reputation among some allies has fallen to its lowest level in nearly two decades.

Pew Research Center poll findings reflect public perceptions of the US in 13 countries.

Positive views of the US declined by 34% among the countries polled, and only 16% trust President Trump.

The overwhelming majority – 84% – said that the US handled coronaviruses badly.

Although US-friendly views have been falling in recent years, in 2020, perceptions in many countries were the lowest pew seen since voting began on the subject some 20 years ago.

Only one country surveyed – South Korea – saw the majority of the public favorable to the US. Only a quarter of Germans and less than a third of French and women see America.

While most people in every country polled did not trust Mr. Trump, Belgium expressed the most skepticism – only nine percent said they trusted the US president.

The president’s highest rating among the countries polled was in Japan, where a quarter of those polled said they trusted Mr. Trump.

Fewer than one in five Britons trusted the US leader, and only 41% said they had a favorable outlook for the country, a nadir for the survey.

The Pew Global Attitude Survey of 13,273 people was conducted from June to August in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Britain and the Netherlands.

The results of the survey pose long-term questions on America’s leadership globally, and as the country struggles with the coronary virus. The US has recorded more than 6 meters of cases and nearly 200,000 deaths due to Kovid-19.

A director of the Pew survey, Drs. Richard Wike said: “What we’ve seen in our turnout over the years is that many people around the world see America moving away from leadership positions in world affairs, and what they think about the country. Are negatively affected. ”

This year, a dynamic has been created through the epidemic, as reflected in the survey.

However, despite the trend, “people didn’t necessarily pay attention to America,” Dr. Vic said. “They still want the US to play a leadership role on the international stage.”

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