US expects 500,000 COVID-19 deaths by February, CDC official warns

As soon as closed in america 400,000 coronaviruses killedThe visiting director of the Centers for Disease Control said that by mid-February, officials expect the death toll to increase.

“By mid-February, we expect one and a half million people to die in this country,” Dr. Rochelle Wallensky said.

Los Angeles is battling one as Grimm News arrives More contagious version Of virus. California leads the world in coronovirus cases 3 million residents infected.

UCLA’s epidemiologist Drs. Anne Rimoin told CBS News that she “certainly” suspects that the population is more variable. He searched for variants to “shine a flashlight in the dark”, “If you start looking then you’re going to see something, and we’re not watching right now.”

Southern California - Coronavirus
A nurse wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) communicates through a glass door while a patient attends a COVID-19 intensive care unit (ICU) at Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Community Hospital in Southern California Does.

Patrick T. via Getic Image Phalan / AFP

But nationwide, the Chaotic rollout of the vaccine Continuing, leading to more than a few frightening veins in Florida.

“You can’t make an appointment, you can’t buy an appointment. So what are we going to do?” Said Palm Beach resident Elizabeth Johnson.

Florida’s Department of Health has said that more than 40,000 are already overdue for their second dose, as the nation is the worst.

The darkest week has already been released in Southern California. The data shows a dramatic increase in COVID-19 deaths in La County, where one person is now dying every six minutes.

The coroner is one Backlog of bodies, So much so that La County has reduced air quality regulations to allow for more cremation.

And yet, as bad as it may sound, there is at least one uplifting update.

CBS News met Dennis Zayes and his wife Jessica just before Christmas, with a COVID-19 diagnosis followed by a double lung transplant. He told CBS News that his recovery was a daily struggle and he almost had to learn to walk again.

Now, he’s not just walking, he’s working outside – and over the weekend, got his first dose Modern vaccine.

CBS News on Monday confirmed that President Trump will remove travel restrictions from Europe and Brazil before leaving office, where the virus is growing. The ban would be lifted on 26 January – but President-Elect Biden’s team said later on Monday that it would stop the changes.


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