US Election 2020: War hero Joe Biden may be running mate

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Tammy Duckworth is a veteran of the Iraq war

Who is the US Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, who is allegedly in the short list for the vice-presidency on the Democratic ticket?

Born in Bangkok and wounded in the Iraq War, Tammy Duckworth has a violet heart and a street fighter instinct.

His name has often surfaced during high-level discussions about the vice-presidential nomination for presidential nominee Joiden. He has also become a target for Tucker Carlson of Fox News and other patrons.

When she told CNN recently that she was open-minded about the possibility of removing American monuments to American founders and slave holders, Mr. Carlson questioned her patriotism.

He fired back, Saying that Mr. Carlson “should walk a mile in my feet and then tell me if I love America or not”.

His challenge to Mr. Carlson attracted national notice and attracted public attention both to his political acumen and military background. He was shot in a helicopter during the Iraq war and broke his leg.

Many Democrats believe that his military record and his tenacity during fights with conservatives, as well as his background as an Asian-American, will strengthen Mr. Biden’s candidacy. If he chose her as a running mate, his supporters say he would help shore up votes among veterans, minorities and women.

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‘Walk a mile in my feet’ said Tammy Duckworth

Yet many believe that Mr. Biden should choose a black running mate – Senator Kamala Harris is often mentioned as a possibility. In addition, Ms. Duckworth’s home state is safely Democratic. Other contenders for the Democratic ticket, a group that includes New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, could help Mr. Biden in states where he can use a boost.

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Mr. Biden’s age and choice of a running mate due to his own assessment of his role have added importance for Democrats.

He is 77, and if elected he will be 82 by the end of his term. He sees himself as a “transition candidate”, and even his Deadhard supporters believe he would not seek a second term if elected.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden sees himself as a ‘transitional candidate’

This means that a person who someday serves as his vice-president can become president.

Ms. Duckworth, who is 52 years old, is known for her work on veterans’ issues. In addition, she has worked on health care policy and has spoken frequently about national security. She fought in the Iraq War, but she believes it was a mistake.

“It’s a hard lesson,” she says. “And I hope this nation will doubt more the reasons for going to war.”

He also has a compelling personal story. She and her husband, Brian Bowlesbe, have two daughters, Abigail and Merle Pearl, and she was the first to bear a child while serving as an American senator.

His father, Frank, an American citizen, worked for the United Nations, and his mother, Lamai, is originally from Thailand.

Ms. Duckworth, who speaks Thai, lived with her parents in Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia due to her father’s UN job.

Shortly before the Khmer Rouge came to power in the mid-1970s, the family living in Phnom Penh was in Cambodia during a period of violence.

She remembers going to the market with her mother when suddenly, bombs started falling. Her mother pushed her to the floor of the car, Ms. Duckworth says, “so I won’t see blood”.

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Ms. Duckworth later joined the army following in the footsteps of her father, a Vietnam veteran. He once told me that he never saw himself running for president.

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Joe Biden reportedly took a shine to Tammy Duckworth

“I don’t have that fire in my stomach,” she says. But he is a ferocious advocate for Mr. Biden, and he has taken him a shine.

During an online foundation stonework, he praised her bravery in war and in politics. He said, “I can’t think of anyone who has shown more courage.” Addressing him directly, he said: “I am grateful to you for accompanying me in this battle.”

Ideologically, Ms. Duckworth is a good match for Mr. Biden, a centrist Democrat. Among Democrats in the US Senate, she, too, appears to be in the middle of the ideological spectrum.

In recent weeks, she has participated in President Donald Trump and “failure to lead our country”, showing Mr. Biden’s desire to act as an attack dog during the campaign.

Mr. Biden’s aides interviewed him not too long ago for the vice-presidential slot, he said during a live Washington Post chat on Thursday. She described the job interview as “positive”.

Who could be Joe Biden’s running mate?

Presidential candidate Joe Biden vows that he will choose a woman as his partner. Rumors include:

  • California Senator Kamala Harris
  • Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice
  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  • Senator tammy duckworth of illinois
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
  • Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin
  • Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinima

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After retiring from the military, Ms. Duckworth worked on veterans issues at the state and national levels and was elected to Congress in 2012. He won a Senate seat in 2016, becoming the state’s junior senator and following in the footsteps of President Barack Obama. His rise from state politics to national prominence has been rapid.

Dick Simpson, head of the political science department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, says that he has moved faster than he has seen in half a century. Mr. Obama, who also makes his debut in Illinois politics, grew more than Ms. Duckworth. But as Mr. Simpson explains: “It took a little longer.”

Peter Levine, the founder of a software company in Washington, worked with him in veteran affairs at the US Department, and said he had an innate talent for politics.

“He naturally brings out the best in people, even if there is tension in the room,” he explains, adding that he is skilled in tuning “his language, his emphasis, to the person he is speaking to” to form a consensus.

Although his record in politics is perfect.

She continues to struggle to pass legislation in Congress, and has been criticized for working on veterans’ issues. He said all the right things, according to his opponents in Illinois, but about many veterans’ programs, he said he never landed.

Criticism has hardly slowed him down, and throughout his career he has shown an unusual resolve. While recovering from her combat injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2004 in Maryland, she was given a “heavy-duty pain block”, but she says she barely redeemed the pain of losing her legs.

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Tammy Duckworth is the first Thai-American woman elected to Congress

Yet during her recovery and the years that followed, she showed almost no self-pity: “For me, it just comes back to the fact that I’m so grateful to be alive. I know that she is very Sounds hoarse, “he. it is said. “But I think what my friends did to get me and the pilot out, who led me to safety. I can’t mope around.”

His supporters are hoping that Mr. Biden will choose him as his running mate to bring his enthusiasm to the campaign. He is expected to announce his decision this week.

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