US Democrat Senate Wins Shares Despite Capitol Chaos Financial Market News

A clean sweep by Democrats is likely to benefit the economy by allowing them to implement big-spending policies.

Given the party’s control of both houses of Congress in the United States, the global stock markets collapsed and bonds fell on Thursday in anticipation of large stock-lending and big-spending Democratic administrations driving growth.

US Treasury Bonds faced their biggest celloff in the months following the Democratic Party’s victory in two races in the state of Georgia, giving them narrow control of the Senate and the power to pass their agenda.

US S&P 500 futures rose 0.6 percent and Nasdaq 100 futures climbed 0.9 percent as markets perceived a late fade that pulled the Wall Street index back from fresh record peaks when chaotic protests in Washington, DC Sold to merchants.

MSCI’s largest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan rose 0.8 percent to just a record high, resulting in South Korea’s chipmaker-heavy Cospi jumping 2.6 percent and Australia’s minor-and-bank-heavy Gained 1.8 percent by ASX 200. .

Japan’s Nikkei rose 2 percent to its highest level since 1990. FTSE and European futures increased slightly.


“It’s basically a rebalancing business”, said Matthan Somasundaram, head of Sydney-based research firm Deep Data Analytics, who said the Democratic sweep was unpredictable by most investors and “changes a lot”.

“Even though it’s a razor-thin margin, it gives Democrats a two-year window [to pursue their agenda], “She said.” Anything that benefits from rising prices is going to do well … when you look at the policy settings they’re trying through, it’s all about printing. [money for] Main Street and not Wall Street. “

Wednesday’s bond saleoff raised the yield on the benchmark 10-year US Treasury to above 1 percent for the first time since March. It gained 1.0507 percent on Thursday.

The US dollar also sank into the runoff as the result cleared. Currency traders feel that large, and growing, US trade and budget deficits will weigh on the greenback.

The dollar hit an almost three-year low against the euro of $ 1.2349 and reached near that level on Thursday. It also fell into the flowing troughs against the Australian and New Zealand dollars and the Swiss franc.

Capital Anarchy, China’s Stress

The opposition was under pressure to sell tech stocks, as investors expected the sector to face taxes and regulations, and unbalanced views of protesters would hinder US Capitol from certifying Donald Trump’s November election defeat . At least four people died in clashes with security forces.

At least four people were killed in clashes with security forces when Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol [Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA-EFE]

Wall Street lowered the heights of the session as police ousted policymakers and struggled for more than three hours to evacuate the Capitol of Trump supporters.

“What is the matter?[s] The little pause we have is that the economy is still very fragile and I think it is unlikely that time is getting as easy for Democrats as markets are trying to predict in passing some of these policies Is, “Tim Chubb, investment officer at Girard, a wealth advisor in Pennsylvania.

Congress re-aligned to resume the election certification process. Shares in Twitter fell slightly after regular trading in the US after the social network said it had temporarily closed Trump’s account for violating platform rules.

Meanwhile, an American crackdown on Chinese companies appears to be deepening, with sources telling news agency Reuters that the Trump administration is considering an investment ban for Alibaba and Tencent giants.

Shares of the two fell more than 4 percent in Hong Kong and shares in the three Chinese telecom firms that the New York Stock Exchange eventually decided to withdraw from even a week after flip-flopping fell sharply.

After promised production cuts by Saudi Arabia, oil prices reached a 10-month high. Brent crude futures rose 0.7 percent to $ 54.69 a barrel and US crude futures rose 0.9 percent to $ 51.07 a barrel.

Gold reached a new record level of $ 37985, followed by $ 1,917 an ounce and was stable at the bitcoin firm.


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