US Coronavirus: US hits second-highest day of new Kovid-19 cases

There were 83,718 new cases on Saturday, just 39 cases embarrassed by the all-time record reported on Friday.
Health experts warn that the fall season will bring a resurgence of cases – and since the US has not reduced its daily case sufficiently, they say compounding cases will worsen. According to JHU, a total of 8.5 million and 224,891 people have died in national affairs already.

“We’ll easily hit the six-figure number in terms of number of cases,” Michael Osterholm, director of the Infectious Disease Research and Policy Center at the University of Minnesota, told CNN Friday night. “And deaths are usually going to happen in the next three to four weeks, usually new cases take about three to three weeks.”

Walking indoors to avoid the cold weather at social gatherings and family events is largely responsible for the high rate of outbreaks, officials said over the weekend.

In Maryland, the governor said this week was the No. 1 source of broadcasting family gatherings in the state, followed by House parties. In North Carolina, health officials reported its highest daily case count on Friday and said they continue to watch groups from “social and religious ceremonies.”

Report of increase in cases in 35 states

The President has said that in recent times the country has been talking about an epidemic. But dangerous patterns across America tell a different story.
This Republican governor thinks he has redeemed his state's Kovid-19 response.  she does not have

According to Johns Hopkins data, at least 35 states reported more new Kovid-19 cases than the previous week.

New Jersey Government. Phil Murphy reported an additional 1,994 coronavirus cases on Saturday – the highest single-day total since May.

“We are still in the midst of an epidemic and everyone needs to be taken seriously. Wear a mask. Social distance,” Murphy tweeted.

There were eight new virus-related deaths in New Jersey, bringing the state’s total fatalities to 14,492.

“This virus didn’t go away just because we’re tired of it,” Murphy said.

In Florida, health officials reported 4,471 additional cases and 77 new resident deaths on Saturday. On the third day of this month, according to CNN Tally, the state has registered more than 4,000 new cases in a single day. The Department of Health said there have been a total of 776,251 Kovid-19 cases in Florida and 16,417 state residents have died. Non-residents also reported 203 deaths.

Battle Illinois health officials are rocked by the latest Kovid-19 boom

Pennsylvania reported 2,043 new cases on Saturday.

“The daily increase is now comparable to what was seen in April 2020,” the state’s health department said in a statement. An additional 29 virus-related deaths occurred on Saturday.

According to Michigan State Health and Human Services spokesperson Lynn Sutfin, Michigan marked its peak single day during the epidemic Saturday with 3,338 new cases. There were also 35 new deaths in the state.

Michigan’s chief medical executive and head of health deputy Dr. Jong Khaldun said the data showed an “alarming increase” in new infections.

“If the rate continues like this, we risk overshadowing our hospitals and many of the mixiganders die,” Khaldun said in a statement.

El Paso funeral homes prepare refrigerated units to house bodies as Kovid-19 cases in Texas city

On Saturday, Illinois reported 6,161 new cases, the highest number since the epidemic. According to Health Department data, more than six thousand new cases have been reported in the state in the last nine days. There were 63 new deaths.

Director of Illinois Public Health Drs. Nozi Ezeike made an emotional appeal to residents on the importance of face coverings.

“As we see the number of hospitals increasing, people are bringing in more beds, trying to remodel Kovid units. And these workers who go through that pain, the more people who repeat history. Seeing them, they have to go through the same amount of pain to save them. Themselves, “he said.” We don’t have a vaccine yet, but we have a mask, and we’re asking people to use it Are, and I don’t know what we can say. ”

Expert: Commentary may not come this year

While many experts and officials have worked to predict when Kovid-19 will be available, the timeline is uncertain.

Director of the National Institutes of Health, Drs. Francis Collins said on Friday that while he is “cautiously optimistic” about the US getting the vaccine authorized by the end of the year, he said “it can’t happen and it may take longer.”

But Collins said that it is good news that there is more than one vaccine candidate in the US development.

AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson to resume COVID-19 vaccine trials in US

“If you were doing the whole thing on one vaccine, I’d be a lot more worried,” he said.

Their remarks came on the same day that drug manufacturers AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson announced they were ready to resume their paused Kovid-19 vaccine trials in the US, both of which saw health in participants.

And when a vaccine is approved, experts said it’s important that enough Americans get it. If only half of the country is ready to be vaccinated, Collins warned, Kovid could stick to 19 years.

Collins said at a National Press Club virtual event, “When I’m looking at this vaccine, which is about this vaccine, and who are interested in taking it – it’s really, really annoying.” ” “I’m talking optimistically about how we’re likely to have a vaccine by the end of the year, but if only 50% of Americans are interested in taking it, we’ll never be at that point of immunity Can go to the population where Kovid-19 goes.

The report contributed to CNN’s Ella Spulse, Alec Snyder, Melissa Alonso, Brad Parks, Holly Silverman, Ganesh Seti, Shelby Lynn Erdman, Gisela Crespo, Naomi Thomas and Jacqueline Howard.


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