US blocks telecom tech from China and others do deemed fox

WASHINGTON – With its days in power, the Trump administration’s Commerce Department on Thursday pushed the rules forward and considered the US purchasing communications technology from China and the other five countries as anti-foreign.

The rules will not apply for 60 days, with President Election Joe Biden’s administration attempting to decide how and what to proceed. Mr. Biden’s advisors have said they intend to limit US dependence on Chinese technology, but the visiting team has not set specific policies.

A senior administration official said, “The rules are reasonable, adding that he thought the incoming administration would” see the need for him. “A Biden spokesman declined to comment.

Along with China, Commerce named the Maduro government of Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela as anti-foreigners. Shipments of communications hardware, software, and other gear to those countries may be blocked as a national-security risk under the new regulations.

Under the proposal, commerce would have 180 days to decide whether to allow the sale or to require modifications of the transaction.


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