US agency orders Ford to recall 3 million vehicles on air bags

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Ford Motor Company should recall 3 million vehicles with potentially defective driver-side Takata air bags, the US auto safety regulator said on Tuesday, by a second-largest US automaker to avoid a recall The bid was rejected.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was denying petitions filed by Ford and Mazda Motor Corp. in 2017 to avoid recalling vehicles with potentially dangerous inflowers. The decision would require Mazda to recall and repair driver air bags in approximately 5,800 vehicles. The recall will cover various vehicles from 2006 through the 2012 model year.

The flaw, which gives rise to rare instances of air bag inflighters, which break and blow potentially deadly metal pieces – especially after prolonged exposure to high humidity – American history of more than 67 million installers The largest automotive recall in India. Worldwide, nearly 100 million installers installed by 19 major automakers have been recalled.

The NHTSA stated “the evidence makes clear that these inflowers pose a significant safety risk.”

Earlier this month, the Auto Safety Agency said that at least 17 million vehicles with Takata air bags are running non-stop.

Takata’s inflowers have killed at least 27 people worldwide and injured 18, and more than 400, in the United States.

Ford said on Tuesday that the vehicles ordered by NHTSA to recall were subject to an earlier Takata recall for passenger-side air bags, but made no further comment.

Mazda did not immediately comment.

Mazda will apply to 2007-2009 model year B-series vehicles as well as various Ford Ranger, Fusion, Edge, Lincoln Zephyr / MKZ, Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKX vehicles. The Mazda vehicles were designed by Ford, built on a single platform, and used air bag inflowers similar to Ranger trucks.

The regulator stated that Ford would have to submit the proposed program and measures to the NHTSA for notification of vehicle owners within 30 days of starting.

The Takata air bag burst killed two people, the most recent death in 2017 of the previously recalled 2006 Ford Ranger vehicles.

In November, NHTSA said it was rejecting a petition filed by General Motors to avoid recalling 5.9 million American vehicles with Takata air bags.

In November, the agency said GM should remember the 2007-2014 model-year trucks and SUVs. GM estimated in the securities filings that it would cost $ 1.2 billion if it needed to replace the air bag inflower to avoid fixing it and said it would have missed 7 million vehicles worldwide.

(Reporting by David Shepperson; Editing by Richard Pullin and Leslie Adler)

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