Upstat NY lawbreakers say they had coronovirus in early December as an epidemic

Albany, NY – A New York deputy legislator says he had coronovirus in early December, possibly making him one of the first Americans to receive a Kovid-19.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy told reporters on Monday that he received an antibody test in May that revealed he had previously contracted the virus.

“When I tested (for coronovirus) I was negative every time, but I did the antibody (test) and I had it,” McCoy said during a press briefing. “I got Kovid back in December-January, he put the timetable down, before he even broke down here, before we knew it.”

According to the Times-Union, McCoy was referring to a doctor who talked about the results of his antibody test. Studies have indicated that coronovirus antibodies decrease over time, and antibody levels in their system in May suggested they had the virus in December, January, or February.

The novel coronovirus was first recorded in late December in Wuhan, China, after which dozens of people contracted pneumonia-like symptoms. The US reported its first case on January 21 in Washington state. New York State confirmed its first case on March 1, although an antibody study of Kovid-19 found that Empire was probably spreading to the state in early January.

The Alconi newspaper reported that McCoy had not previously disclosed the results of the antibody test.

McCoy said he had been ill for some time after traveling with county officials in the US and traveling with the military in Texas, but did not know exactly where he could contract the virus. He said that the antibody does not mean he is immune to coronovirus.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t get it again, it doesn’t mean I have antibodies against it. Just means that I once had it and got through it,” he said. ” Scary because I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but I knew I was really sick. “

McCoy said she is very “cautious” and had to ask her daughter to postpone their marriage in October, with fewer than 50 people planning to attend under Gov. Andrew’s coronavirus guidelines.

“I wear my mask all the time at a ceremony and if I don’t want to, I leave,” McCoy said.

McCoy said Albany County has now confirmed 2,304 positive cases of Kovid-19, an increase of nine from day one. There have been no new deaths in the county, with a total of 126 deaths from coronovirus.

More than 18 million cases of coronovirus have been confirmed worldwide, with 4.7 million in the US Kovid-19 blamed for 690,000 deaths globally and at least 155,000 in the US.

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