Upon asking a flight attendant to apply a face mask, Elegant Air unloaded a passenger from the aircraft.

A large passenger jet sat atop the runway: an Elegant Air Airbus A319 aircraft.  FG / Bauer-Griffin / GC Image / Getty

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An Elegant Air Airbus A319 aircraft. FG / Bauer-Griffin / GC Image / Getty

  • The Washington Post reported that a passenger was removed from an alleged air flight on Monday, making “threatening statements” to the flight attendant.
  • A video of the incident showed the man being asked to wear a mask from a flight attendant.
  • Allegiant Air told Fox News that the flight attendant took off his mask even after some passengers told him, but they did not hear anything.
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One person was removed from an alleged air flight on Monday after he made “threatening statements” to the flight attendant, The Washington Post reported.

However, a viral video of the incident showed that a person was removed from the flight who asked the flight attendant to wear a face mask.

“I just asked someone to put on their face mask, that’s all I did,” the passenger can be heard saying.

Business spokesperson Sonya Padgate said in a statement to Business Insider that the passenger “became disruptive during the pre-flight safety briefing. Following the announcement, the passenger insisted on threatening the flight attendant, making threatening statements on the issue of harassment.” ”

In the video, a man is asked to speak with the captain as he is being spared the flight.

An employee can be heard saying on the video, “I need you or I enforce the law.”

A Fox News spokesman said some passengers said they could not hear him well, giving the pre-flight instructions as the attendant removed his mask.

“That’s when the passenger was interrupted,” the spokesperson told Fox. “It wasn’t an ‘ask.” The flight attendant’s mask was returned shortly after the announcement. ”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that face masks may help limit the spread of coronovirus.

The Elegant’s mask policy states that all passengers must cover the face except children under two years of age. The mask can be removed for eating or drinking but will have to be put back later. The rule also applies to driver employees, the airline says on its website.

“We are also some examples of customers who have difficulty hearing or need to read their lips, requesting that a crew member briefly remove a mask for clarification,” associate spokeswoman Hilari Gray USA Told TODAY. “Any incidents of noncompliance are reviewed and addressed on a case-by-case basis.”

Padgate told Business Insider that the passenger was “re-adjusted to a later flight.”

USA Today reported that Elegant only began requiring masks on July 2, two months after other airlines.

The Indianapolis Star reported at the time that a lawyer flew from his Allegiant Air flight in June when he did not wear the masks of passengers and crew, and did not give any blocks to allow social distancing.

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