Update: Isabelle and Tom Nook Build-a-Bears Sold Out After Hours Queue

Both Isabelle and Tom Nook are sold out, although Build-a-Bear assures that they will return “soon”. The digital queue to buy them lasted over three hours, and even if those who were in line right when it started weren’t guaranteed a chance to buy either.
Original story:

This morning Build-a-Bear and Animal Crossing officially revealed the plush toys they announced a partnership with last month – it’s Isabelle and Tom Nook … but you might not be able to get one today.

Build-a-Bears went live today at 8AM PST, after a 30-minute queue in the “waiting room” where you could sit on the website. While I was in that queue, I was told that I would get a “random spot in line” if I was in the waiting room early.

However, when 8am came, they told me that my estimated wait time was “over an hour”, and I am still at that point at the time this is being written. There is a little progress bar on my screen that scrolls from time to time, but after 40 minutes in the queue it has gone nowhere and my wait is still over an hour. I can sign up for an email notification when it’s my turn, but I’m concerned that closing this window will cause me to lose my spot.

Isabelle and Tom Nook were only available to pre-order online today, and they come with their very own “summer outfit” and music or spoken phrases included when you give them a squeeze. They are also limited to one per person. The Build-a-Bear website’s FAQ says the toys will reappear online in the future once they sell out, but it doesn’t specify when, although it does indicate that they will also hit physical stores sometime this summer.

This is far from the first time that something related to Animal Crossing (or even Nintendo) has suffered a ridiculous lawsuit. Anyone who has ever tried to get their hands on Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards has had a nightmare given their limited supply and exclusivity from Target. And while Build-a-Bear has done many other franchise crossovers before, including Super Mario, Doctor Who, Pokémon, Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Mandalorian, none have reached this level of demand. . Not even Sonic the Hedgehog.

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