(Update) Fantasy Star Online 2 is coming to Steam very soon, if you hate Windows Launcher

5 August

[Update: Sega has confirmed that PSO2 will arrive on Steam on August 5, which will allow you to link your existing account and cross-play with Windows/Xbox One users. On that same day, Episode 4 (a huge content update) will arrive on both PC and Xbox One. You can watch the trailer for that below.]

Fantasy star online 2 Finally out in the west … but it may not be on the stage of your choice.

It collided with Xbox One last April, with a PC release in May. The thing is, the PC version did not start swimming, especially due to some issues with the Windows 10 launcher. Although Sega has brought up some of those problems, the experience is not yet silky smooth: although steam may soon be an option.

Wait, Steam ?! Yes, it seems Microsoft does not have a Gollum-hold on the game for the future, for new listings Fantasy star online 2 Just popped up on steam today. According to the page, it will come out on August 5, which is probably anticipated by many of us. Yay for option!

It’s good for the time to come Fantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis The project, which is also confirmed for PC at the top of the Xbox family of consoles. While everyone feared that it was all Western PSO2 Umbrella will be forced into Windows 10, Steam is back on the menu.

Fantasy star online 2 [Steam] Thanks Ravikal!

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