UPDATE: Cards & # 39; Miller loses the lead by winning Padres 6-4; Reyes, Muñoz went to Memphis | Cardinal beat

Andrew Miller's debut at Busch Stadium could hardly have been worse. The Cleveland free agency representative had been inconsistent on the road, but Saturday was bad.

Miller allowed a pair of two-run homers in the eighth inning to Austin Hedges and Manny Machado of San Diego. The second came after first baseman Paul Goldschmidt overcame a foul window to keep Ian Kinsler alive and shortstop Paul DeJong could not hold onto the tag after taking Goldschmidt's shot when Miller caught Kinsler.

A 3-2 advantage from the Cardinals evaporated quickly and the veteran left-handed reliever heard the boos after the second homer.

The Padres remained for a 6-4 victory, their second here in two days. San Diego is 16-31 here since Busch Stadium III opened in 2006, but the Padres are 6-2 here in the last three seasons, winning three consecutive series at Busch.

In 3 1/3 innings this year, Miller has allowed six runs (four of them won), walked four and allowed three homers.

After the game, the Cardinals made their first revealing move of the season by opting for pitcher Alex Reyes to the AAA Memphis Clbad. Your role with the Redbirds will be determined, but the team wants to make sure you have a regular job and consistent entries so you can find a command that you are missing in high leverage locations.

Reyes had allowed five runs and six walks in three innings this season.

Late in the afternoon, infielder Yairo Muñoz, who has one of four so far this season, was told he was also being sent to Memphis. This means that the Cardinals will go with only four additional men and 13 pitchers at the moment. An almost certain pitcher to be presented is right-hander Daniel Ponce de León, who was due to start on Sunday for Memphis. There are two left-handed relievers in the list of 40 men, any of whom could appear, in Genesis Cabrera and veteran Tyler Webb.

Manager Mike Shildt, without confirming anything _ the moves will be announced on Sunday _ said the club needed immediate help for the bullpen, giving the frequency of use of relievers so far.

"We need to make sure we're fresh," Shildt said.

Shildt, speaking of Miller, said: "He's making good pitches, and he's just not doing enough."

For his part, Miller said: "I need to do my job, I need to throw more strikes, free pbades are killing me."

Marcell Ozuna hit a two-run, 455-foot homer for the Cardinals. Dexter Fowler arrived at the base four times, although he found one out once. And Michael Wacha somehow sailed eight walks in just one run in 5 2/3 innings.

Wacha struck out seven with seven pitches of 119 119 pitches. Goldschmidt was nothing for five, besides his mistake.


Marcell Ozuna only had one extra base hit in the first eight games of the Cardinals. But when he saw a 3-2 slide, at 82 mph, of former Cardinals player Robert Stock in the fifth inning, Ozuna landed on it for 455 feet of two-run home run when the Cardinals took their first lead of the game over San Diego Padres 3-1.

Matt Carpenter hit a single to open the fifth position for the Cardinals and placed in second place after Paul Goldschmidt had flown to the right. Paul DeJong fanned himself before Ozuna took his first homer of the season in the left field seats.

John Gant rescued starter Michael Wacha from a two-out, two-out in the sixth when Ian Kinsler fouled. Wacha achieved a personal record of eight, but threw seven, allowing only three hits and one run while throwing a total of 119 pitches.

Gant allowed Eric Hosmer's home run in the seventh but the Cardinals took a 3-2 lead to eighth.

WACHA walks on the wild side

The right of the Cardinals, Michael Wacha, was getting hard on himself, walking with six San Diego hitters in the first three innings on Saturday at Busch Stadium. But only one of those walks scored when the teams tied 1-1 in the fourth.

The Cardinals were helped by an error at San Diego second baseman Ian Kinsler when they scored their run in the second. Yadier Molina, who had had two 28-year-olds, hit a single and went to third place when Kinsler, trying to give Dexter Fowler's hand a backhand and then started a double play, made a puff and the ball came in. in the garden.

Molina went to the third, but when the pitch from the garden went to third baseman Manny Machado, Fowler started for the second bse and finally ran out. Molina, with no one outside when the play began, stayed in third place, and came home with Kolten Wong's sacrifice fly, which gave Wong seven RBIs during the first eight Cardinals games.

San Diego pitchers Chris Paddack and Robert Stock walked a total of five in the first four frames and none of them scored.


Nobody knew what role Alex Reyes would play for the Cardinals _ starter or bullpen _ and that question is no closer to being answered after the first four Kings' outings. The young right has been limited to three innings, allowing five runs and walking six in his first extended action in two years.

"It's been a while since I was able to enter into constant competition," manager Mike Shildt said. "And we're asking him to do it at the big league level, in situations of high leverage, ultimately that's the decision I make.

"I have a lot of confidence in Alex and we will always have confidence in Alex, he is a special young man with special skills and abilities."

But Shildt admitted that "it is a difficult place, to have a man to get the job you need to get to this level." There is always a rethinking of how a boy is being used.

"You want to be patient and you want to have confidence in men, we do not want to overreact, but we do not want to react in an insufficient way either."

In short, Shildt said: "This game has to do with consistency."

When asked if Reyes would do better with multiple entry periods, Shildt responded, saying: "His ability to stretch is based on his efficiency."

"Ultimately, re-control the counts and be efficient."

Reyes walked with three of the seven San Diego Padres he faced on Friday and allowed one home run to another.

There has been talk of Reyes, who has had elbow and shoulder surgeries in the last two seasons, starting at some point in the season so he is ready to start next year. And baseball operations president John Mozeliak said he did not want to look up and see that Reyes had only 50 innings pitched at the end of this season.

Shildt said: "That's a crystal ball that I do not have right now, I still feel like he has the ability to do it, there are a lot of different moving parts to that _ if we have a need for equipment for that, it could always be a possibility

"But I can not say that right now, we're looking to say," How are we going to find a way to make Alex Reyes start at the end of the season? "At this moment, we're evaluating what's doing, how he is doing it and where he fits. "

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