Upcoming ‘Resident Evil 2’ cries your wallet with Leon Kennedy Joy

We can all agree that Capcom’s Resident is a remake of Evil 2, which we all wanted last year. And if you’ve never joined Swag when it was released (including the $ 750 keyboard), then you at least DAMTOYS and Nauts Inc. Key brands can take advantage of some launch-launch merchandise such as the Leon Kennedy figure, which is currently scheduled for Q1 2021 release.

Setting you back $ 226USD, the figure still looks worth it, sports a 30-digit articulation, and is fully packed with weapons and accessories. At 12 ing tall, Leon will come with several interchangeable hands, a Matilda handgun with removable custom parts, an M-19 handgun, a W-870 shotgun with custom parts, a LE5 sub-machine gun, grenades, a combat. Knives, ammo for guns, various keys, first aid spray, a radio set and a flashlight.

This is DAMTOYS and Nauts Inc. K is the first of a new set of figures, so you can expect from others in the line (when you can afford them) as Leon has a lot of detail and gifts.

You can pre-order the figure from Hobbylink Japan. Resident Evil 2 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with this year’s release Resident evil 3 Remake.