Upcoming Music Episodes and Final Season 6 – DC FanDome – Performing ‘Lucifer’ on Deadline

Biggest Hurt from today’s DC Fandom Lucifer The panel was a clip from Season 5B’s upcoming music episode, “Bloody Celestial Caroque Jam”, in which our title heroes (Tom Ellis) and Ella Lopez (Amy Garcia) play “One and A Bits” of the Queen on a football field with dancing players Dust “covered. Cheerleaders and a high school band. An air date for Season 5B is yet to be announced.

However, WBTV is not releasing the clip to the general public today, just a season 4 blower reel which you can watch below.

The idea for a musical episode “started to blossom after our Vegas episode, after Tom and Amy did ‘Luck as a Lady’; I remember coming to rehearsals and crying, it was very exciting,” said Lucifer Today shower Ildy Modrovich in a TV season of DC Fandom in conversation with series director Sherwin Shilati.

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“Part of the challenge was always trying to find a reason to do a musical episode; You have a story-based reason why they break up in the song, ”said co-shower Joe Henderson.

TV Line, Deadline’s sister publication, recently reported that season 6 Lucifer There will be ten episodes long on Netflix, six short of season 5’s 16 episodes. Season 5 dropped on Netflix on August 21 and is being released in two parts. The total running episodes for the WBTV series will be final at 93.

After fox cancellation Lucifer Two years ago, Netflix picked up the WBTV series starting with season 4. Season 6 will be the last episode of the series.

On the final go-round, Henderson said, “You can’t put a good devil down. We’re potentially the most canceled-slash-uncapled show that ever existed. It’s a mixture of emotion and whiplash and joy and gratitude.” . We had a chance to end the series with 5, but were then given the option to decide if we had another story to tell. ”

“We had another story to tell,” Modrovich said, “You can’t kill the devil, my friend.”