‘Unprecedented’ Mail Volume Delays Christmas Gifts

Some presented holiday dates earlier this year, finding that they couldn’t work so quickly as Christmas got stuck in transit with their gifts.

The US Postal Service stated on its website that it was experiencing “unprecedented volume growth and limited employee availability due to the effects of COID-19.”

Austin Race of Grand Rapids, Michigan, placed an online order on November 30 for a collector’s model-cast of a NASCAR racing car. She did not reach her father even after the Postal Service passed through her neighborhood on Thursday night, even though she was informed on 8 December that it had been sent by two-day priority mail.

His gift was in Opa-loca, Florida, the last time he checked the tracking number, about 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) south, where he ordered it in Moersville, North Carolina. At 21, Race resigned himself to tell his father that he would have to wait a bit for his gift.

“I don’t understand the situation, but it’s still disappointing.”

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Joanna Goldstein ordered Christmas ornaments online for her 10-year-old son’s football coach and his son’s friend on November 17. She felt that there was enough time to come from a shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, about 80 miles (128 kilometers) from her home.

All appeared well on December 11, when they received a notice from the Postal Service that the jewelry had been received in Columbus, Ohio.

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But the package then took a trip through distribution centers in Warndale, Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan before being clearly implicated in Detroit.

On Wednesday, she received another notification that delivery would be anticipated later. His son was angry but Goldstein is taking it out loud.

“I got desperate last week thinking, ‘Come on, get over here,’ but now I’m stopping it from laughing,” she said.

She said that her sons would be hanging on the tree next year and they would have a story to tell about the long journey that took place during the epidemic.

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