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Turkish purchasers of clothes from quick vogue model Zara have found notes slipped into pockets of their garments by staff begging for help of their battle to get long-overdue wages.

Zara, which turns over £53.4m a yr, has a historical past of labor disputes, together with exploiting 15-year-old Syrian refugee youngsters, utilizing slave labor, and offering unsafe and abusive working circumstances.

Workers from an outsourced producer for Zara and different retailers have been going into Zara outlets and leaving the tags inside garments.

The tag reads “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.” It urges buyers to again their marketing campaign and strain Zara into paying them.

The tags say the employees have been employed by Bravo, which closed down in a single day. Workers say the producer owes them three months of pay in addition to severance allowance.

Unpaid labourers are ‘slipping pleas for badist into Zara garments’ [Sarah Young/The Independent]

Zara garments in Istanbul tagged to focus on labor dispute


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