Unmarried men with high death risk from Kovid-19: Study

Being a man, low income, low level of education, not getting married and being born in low or middle income countries – these are factors that are related to a higher risk of dying from Kovid-19, warns researchers Huh .

“We can show that various different risk factors have independent effects that have surfaced in debates and news about Kovid-19,” said study author Sven Derfel of Stockholm University, Sweden.

“All these factors are accordingly individually associated with an extremely high risk of dying from Kovid-19,” Drefahl said.

The study is based on data from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare on all registered deaths for adults 20 and older from Kovid-19 in Sweden.

In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, Derfel reported that people born abroad have lower mortality rates than people born in Sweden.

This also applies when research takes into account income and education levels.

The increased risk of dying from Kovid-19 for this group remains controlled by researchers for conditions, such as income and level of education.

Studies show that being a man, having a low income and a low level of education, there is also a strong risk of dying from Kovid-19. As to these aspects, it also agrees with the pattern of mortality from other diseases.

The findings showed that men had twice the risk of dying from Kovid-19 compared to women.

Unmarried men and women (including never married, widow / widower and divorced) had a 1.5–2 times higher risk of dying from Kovid-19 who were married.

According to the researchers, men usually have higher mortality at a comparative age, which is attributed to a combination of biology and lifestyle.

The study’s author, Gunnar Anderson, said, “The fact is that mortality in low education or low-income people can be largely due to lifestyle factors, including finances – how much it costs to prioritize one’s health It is possible,”

“Similarly, we can explain the mortality rate advanced from Kovid-19 for these groups,” Anderson said.

The research team said that several earlier studies also showed that single and unmarried people have higher mortality from various diseases.

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