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Unlikely to urge Unity to cancel its license and rectify the "ridiculous" situation for developers: TechCrunch


Unlikely They may be angry with Unity, but they still want to recover them.

In a blog post titled "A final statement on SpatialOS and Unity," the team at the cloud games startup aimed to tell their side of the story and implored Unity to "clarify their terms or cancel our licenses."

Unity is a game engine that developers use to create, among other things, games. Improbable offers a solution in the cloud to the developers that, basically, allows the big multiplayer online game to represent the game worlds in multiple servers in its SpatialOS platform.

Yesterday, Improbable announced that Unity had canceled its access to the game engine and that developers using SpatialOS ran the risk of losing their jobs. Unity responded that the live and developing games were good and that Improbable violated their new terms of service and needed to negotiate a new partnership.

In the new blog post, Improbable does not skimp on words and says that "all the permissions and license of Unity have been suspended." We can not easily fix mistakes, improve service or really support our clients without being in a gray area. Anyone who has run a live game knows that this is a ridiculous situation that puts games at risk. "

Last night, it seemed that Improbable was taking advantage of its relationship with rival engine maker Epic Games to emphasize Unity, creating a $ 25 million fund with the game giant to help developers move to "more open engines", a blow Pretty transparent in Unity.

The improbable now seems to claim that Unity basically changed the rules about them and was trying to intimidate them into an agreement that none of their other partners has requested.

"We do not require any direct technical cooperation with an engine supplier to offer our services; Crytek, Epic and all other providers clearly allow interoperability without commercial agreements with cloud platforms. We do not have formal technical agreements there and we have not required any with Unity for years. "

The loss of Unity support is a big blow to Improbable, which has raised $ 600 million in large part with the promise that it can revolutionize online gaming, something that would be difficult to achieve without one of the largest gaming engines available. .

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