Unlikely to reopen by October

Los Angeles County has yet to meet eligibility to move California’s most restrictive health guidelines, public health officials said Monday, as nearly 60 schools applied to reopen for limited on-campus learning Have done

Under the state’s new, four-tiered reopening metrics, La County is ranked at a “comprehensive” level for seven daily new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people and more than 8% of positives returning.

“Last week we were at 9.6 cases per 100,000 people per day. Therefore, we still need to go a little below seven to go down, which is a marker for going into Tier Two, said Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer.

He clarified that moving to another category — counted with “substantial” spread of the virus and that can remain in the tier for 14 days — “will depend a lot on what happened during Labor Day, and then it will We can continue every effort to reduce the rates of community broadcasting. ”

Ferrer said officials would not consider reopening the county until the end of September after looking at Labor Day data.

“We have taken significant spikes in cases after the holidays, and as a result we need to take some steps backward,” she said. “We might want to avoid doing it again.”

“Adequate” tiers see fewer restrictions, such as increasing indoor capacity from 25% to 50% for hair salons and malls. Counties may maintain tighter restrictions than California guidelines, although in Tier Two, counties may allow schools to reopen for on-campus instruction.

Until then, schools in La County can now resume individualized education programs or limited on-campus learning for students learning IEP and English. As of Monday, Public Health had received 59 applications. According to Ferrer, every Monday, a list of schools that have submitted applications will be released.

“These schools can expect that our public health team of experts will be in contact to provide technical support,” she said.

LA County and SCV case breakdown

Los Angeles County Public Health Department officials released the following updated COVID-19 figures on Monday:

Countywide COVID-19 cases reported in last 24 hours: 733

Total COVID-19 cases in La County: 254,656

New deaths related to COVID-19 were recorded in the last 24 hours: 24

Total COVID-19 deaths in LA County: 6,231

Hospitalized County: 795; Of which 34% are in ICU, 18% are on ventilator

COVID-19 cases reported in Santa Clarita Valley in last 24 hours: 35

Total COVID-19 cases in SCV: 5,656

Total COVID-19 deaths in SCV: 54

On September 9, 12, 240 at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, hospitalized since the onset of the epidemic.

The daily figures of all area health care providers and the number of people in which the area is broken down include the number of SCV cases as follows:

City of Santa Clarita: 3,208

Undetermined – Acton: 65

Unspecified – Agua Dulas: 25

Undetermined – Bouquet Canyon: 6

Undefined – Valley Country: 122

Unirrigated – caustic: 1,922 (majority of castatic cases come from Pouche Detention Center, exact number unavailable)

Unspecified – Lake Hughes: 3

Unspecified – newhall: 6

Unspecified – Placerita Canyon: 0

Unincorporated – San Francisquito Canyon / Boxet Canyon: 0

Unspecified – sand valley: 6

Unspecified – Saugus: 2 –

Non-irrigated – Saugus / Valley countries: 1

Unspecified – Stevenson Ranch: 156

Undefined – Val Verde: 67

Unincorporated – Valencia: 42

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