Universal Studios Japan Re-Super Super World Kovid-19

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Super Nintendo World, Mario and friends decided to open the themed arena at Universal Studios Japan on February 4 next month. However, this will not happen due to the state of emergency in Osaka.

This is not the first time the park has been delayed. It was originally slated for summer 2020 openings, but in view of last year’s emergency, it was Pushed back.

The latest announcement was made earlier today on USJs official site:

The grand debut of Super Nintendo World has been postponed.

We will announce the new grand opening date soon after the emergency of Osaka province is lifted.

An advance preview Was held For the park last November, to show visitors what to expect.

As the Kovid-19 cases are increasing in the state of emergency in Japan Was declared Tomorrow for Osaka and surrounding provinces. It comes after a similar announcement Was Was made Last week for the greater Tokyo area and as one New version The novel Coronavirus was recently discovered Haneda Airport.

the current State of emergency declaration For Japan will end on February 7 for Osaka.


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