The picture was clear, but the hole is not tiny

The modern black hole seen in the photograph is an unknown animal, whether it is an official one. And what might happen after this is very upset.

The team of astronomers who created the statue of the black hole called M87 (star). (The silent star is.) A professor of language has given its name from Hawaiian – Powehi – meaning "the dark creation without the grain." And the international organization which gives names to noble names? He never gave a black hole.

The black hole is approximately 53 million years away at the center of a disease called Messier 87, or M87 for a short time. On Wednesday, scientists showed a picture they took off using eight radio telescopes, the first time that people saw the one of the intriguing and cheerful objects that pull up everywhere around them, even light t .

Normally the International Geometric Union treats names, except for materials within our solar system and outdoor stars. No committee is set up to deal with other matters, such as Black holes, galaxies or neulas.

The last time a situation was like this, poor Pluto got a little bit away to a tiny planet and took away a public tactic, adventurer Williams Jay Pasachoff, a nomination committee member.

Technically, the IAU has never named a hero – the route of the Milky Way, which Rick Fienberg, an astronomer and news officer for the American Geological Society, said. He said, "just a word that came down through history."

“There's more than one sign of almost everything in the sky,” said Fienberg. "The IAU has the official names that the collectors have sent out but to other cultures, have other names."


When it comes to the black hole we saw this week, the University of Hawaii-Hilo, a Hawaiian professor Larry Kimura, even existed before the photograph was released.

The Hawaiian name for the black hole is Powehi (as a poh-Veh-hee), his official name is Jessica Dempsey, who helped capture the statue of the blind as deputy director. Telescope Maxwell's Max Clerk, Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in Hawaii. Hawaii Gov announced on 10 April as a Powehi day, she said.

"These are not astronomers naming this," she said. "It comes from a language expert and a linguist who comes to the board and gives us a gift of this name. It is a gift from Hawaiian culture and history, not on the other side."

When asked about Kimura's opinion, Pasachoff, IAU's nomination committee member, said: "It's the first thing I heard about it."

Eric Mamajek, chair of the IAU working group on the stars of a star said, “a wonderful, wondering name.” T


But Mamajek said that his committee might not be the right person to name the black hole. It will be only stars.

"This is just the Pluto situation," said Pompey.

In 2006, astronauts at the IAU discussed a name on the giant sundry system that Eris had finally got. It was not thought of as a planet, nor was the work of the planet's committee. However, some experts pointed out that he was bigger than Pluto, who caused some confusion.

The conference decided to reorganize the planets, kick Pluto out of the regular club of blankets and made him join the small plans of plans with Eris, said Pasachoff.


The same day the illustration of the black hole was revealed, the IAU asked the public to choose between three names for the astronauts of things to call 2007 OR10. It's a frozen flat area that goes around the sun but gets 100 times longer from our star on Earth.

The three names proposed are Gonggong, a Chinese water god with red hair and a snake's tail; Holle, the winter goddess of Europe of fertility; and Vili, the Norse god and Odin's brother.

The IAU tries to introduce more languages ​​and cultures into the naming game, Pasachoff and Fienberg said. Soon, IAU will ask the public for help with 100 plans outside our solar system.

As astronomers look further into the cosmos, Poffice said, "we will need more names."


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