The Great Bridge of East March closed with a chemical loss again

The Delaware bridge closed on both sides with a gas solution on Sunday afternoon, bringing traffic on an East Eastern articulation to stop one of the busiest traveling days of the year, reopened.

The Delaware Transport Department tweeted Sunday on Sunday that the Delaware Memorial Bridge was "Moving to traffic" and asking passengers to safely drive.

They escaped from the Delaware chemical production facility at Croda Atlas Point, located near two suspension bridges on a main road between Washington and New York City, said George Greenley, Public Information Officer of the Holloway Terrace Fire Company.

The leaked ethylene oxide, gas is a highly concessionary gas; in a ready-to-come product from metals, said Greenley.

"If this fire engine had yielded a product that could have been disastrous with the bridge's traffic," he said.

The bridge closed about 5 p.m. Sunday. Crust businesses asked to be closed, the River River and Bay Delaware tweeted it.

Greenley said fire officers were waiting to be in a position; scattered in the pipes at the center before they opened the bridge. Earlier the Sabbath he said that the chemical was rapidly felling from the pipes and it was Estimate that the bridge could be reopened in the hours. The State Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control was also shown at this time.

Traffic on both sides of the bridge was transmitted to other routes, including Bridge to & # 39; Big Tree North, causing what the authority gave to "parking space" for distribution to other roads covered.

The Interstate 295 bridge carries eight roads over the wide areas south of the Delaware River between southern Delaware and southern New Jersey. New York traffic turns from New Jersey Turnpike to & # 39; flow over it. Over 80,000 vehicles will make the daily entrance, according to the authority.

Lashrecse Aird, a member of the Virginia House of Representation, was in bridge bridge on his way home to Virginia from New York. The Offer of Offeries usually gives her six hours, she said, but she had already been on the road for that time and her GPS said that there were more than three hours her time to go.

Police and truck were dangerous products that blocked the bridge when it came to. She was involved for an hour before being re-directed, she said.

"We started to take 295 North to get 322, giving us a direction to Barry Bridge," she said, "and that's going to be back to the south . Everyone comes on that side, so we still do not move. "

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