The American Mall: A man in custody after being shot and threw a child from the balcony t

Bloomington Jeff Potts, the Chief Executive of Bloomington, told reporters that a police force had been given to the reception area at 10: T at the local time, and the original information showed that a child had fallen from the third level of the unit to the first stage.

Additional information suggested from witnesses that the 5-year-old child might have been pushed or thrown, said Potts.

Police officers first coached children with witnesses, Potts said.

"The child got very bad injury," he said. “The child was admitted to hospital and has been receiving care. "

According to Potts, they told witnesses to the police that the suspect had accused or threw the child "running immediately after the event." The man, who was a 24 year-old, was found inside the branch and taken into prison.

He is currently at Bloomington Police Division, Potts said, and the authorities do not think there is any other risk to the public.

"At this time, we don't believe the child or a family has a relationship," Potts said, the police think this is a "remote event".

The area where the castle fell was closed.

An witness to CNN tells a link to the WCCO that the mother of her child was screaming for someone to put her child out of the balcony.

"She was screaming, everyone is praying. Everyone is praying. Oh my God, my child, someone threw him over the edge," said Brian Johnston to WCCO. .

The spokesman for the Mall of America said that any additional information will be available from the police.

CNN's Melissa Alonso contributed to this report.

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