Google Cloud to launch a new category in Salt Lake Town

CITY City LAKE – Salt Lake City is the third Google Cloud region in West USA and sixth region in the country.

The Google Cloud Platform is a series of cloud computing services, including data storage, data analysis, computing and learning tools. Like many of its competitors, Google Cloud has pushed new information centers to expand its service and has opened 15 new departments and 45 zones in 13 countries over the past three years, Google News content.

On Tuesday, the web magazine announced that it will launch two new categories in 2020: Seoul, South Korea, and Salt Lake City, Utah. This extension will increase the total number of geographical areas to 23.

Google customers can anticipate using the Seoul sector early in 2020, and thereafter the Salt Lake city region “shortly afterwards”, the announcement says.

“Salt Lake City has a reputation within the foundation of a healthcare, financial and IT center. This new sector will allow customers in the area Sleep Slopes with some shields, with a mixture of bone. “Google's news message will be read.

Salt Lake is the third region in West West Scotland, along with Oregon and Los Angeles, to host a data center which will allow developers to query scattered applications across multiple sectors in the south. Google's product guide director, Dominic Preuss, went back to TechCrunch.

“The Utah team are delighted to welcome Google Cloud to Salt Lake," president and chief executive of EDCUtah, Theresa Foxley, who commented in the Google news release. "This new sector will improve infrastructure computing for businesses that work in Utah, which allow them to get faster. t to Google Cloud products and services and including technical innovation even closer to where they are doing business. We look forward to welcoming the new Salt Lake City area in 2020. "

According to CNET, Google does not intend to invest in any other investments in Seoul or Salt Lake.

This story will be updated as more information is available.

Editor's note: t It was suggested in a previous issue of this article that Google Cloud would launch a new data center in Salt Lake Town. The article was corrected to show that the company has launched a new cloud-based section.

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