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The distribution date of Section 2 has finally arrived. The game is available on storage shelves around the world, with players once more moving into Dark Zones and supporting friends and enemies, but this time the dramatic scenery of Washington DC.

The question, however, is this correct? Revision of Section 2 from GameSpot took place in 9/10, with Edmond Tran saying he is "still color" in the recovery after 30 hours of games.

For more information on the difficult negotiation on Section 2, please read below. Alternatively, take a wider view of commentators on the site of GameSpot Metacritic sister.

GameSpot – 9/10 (Reviewing)

“After spending 30 hours finishing the campaign and getting started with the game, I am still encouraged by the Division 2. t meet challenges, the equipment I gain and building continues to feel different and these built habitats are getting interesting, and sometimes they are so amazing that I need a picture before I come forward. There is still a lot to see in Section 2, but I want to take the time to see I have no news about why I am here or what anyone would encourage, and I wish for it to be My secret reason for my hard stop is anything. But I'm pleased to be here now. " Edmond Tran [Full review-in-progress]

Eurogamer – Not a Score

"From start to finish, Section 2 will bring together… pieces of American history with non-bizarre freedom and saying that nothing remains of it. No worse, it disappears. No, it's not section 2 that tries to keep the case without getting hold of them. Despite the advertising campaign, it is not a game t saving the American soul, it's about a game of good men with guns getting what they want from a bad man with shame, as if you can look beyond the want t hidden at the top of Section 2, there's a good game to see here – even if you don't escape out of feeling he is a dumb man. " t Johnny Chiodini [Full review]

VG247 – No Score

"I am not always sure that games develop what happens after the publication and I can only revise what I play, but Ubisoft has a good track record of making games more than they are launched by frequent updates, I must at least recommend Section 2 to get the correct foundations, there is a strong header, no hope and no mission. feel that they can be copied and sent away for a run-off period, disappointment can be expressed, perhaps because it is the best of the species, but for God's love, you can say The writers will be something if you ever make one more. " – Kirk McKeand [Full review]

The Telegraph – No Score (Review)

"Whether altruism is as vital as a new airliner will be, you will need to do a quick balancing act which could either be used as a prompt. T the game goes on and keeps interesting things growing But until now, so good. " Tom Hoggins [Full review-in-progress]

IGN – 8.0 / 10 (Reviewed) t

“This is an extremely fragile progress for the initial phase 2 base. It passes down the low-lying standard band of species, but not knowledge that it may be a possibility. get engaged in empty spaces, promise that they were deep and interesting. To succeed from now on now Section 2 must show how my time was well spent by giving me the kind of PvE and PvP multi-player game I could reach. except in the rest of the world. "- James Duggan [Full review-in-progress]

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