Andrew Yang is publishing a plan to use a 3D hologram for action

Yang published his campaign strategy on "TMZ Live" on Wednesday, appearing in a video alongside a hologram of rapper Tupac Shakur.

"I was doing a demonstration of what a hologram would have been for the people who sent me in Iowa and other battlefield states," explained Yang.

Yang, who has set up his campaign around a universal basic income plan, said his team is working with a hologram company and that he can promote his 3D picture as early as that. T June, according to Carroll Times Herald.
The 2020 candidate claims the overall core revenue plan would be universal; for Americans

“We are researching driving out which allowed someone to see my three-dimensional view giving my stomach my soul,” said Yang to the newspaper. “And, also If I were in a studio, we could easily set up, I could be appearing and getting live questions. "

Yang told the Carroll Times Herald that the 3D hologram is a “fun way” to be in many places at the same time but also it's tantalizing with his message of president that times are changing.

“We can't just keep doing the same things again and again and expect that we will make the results we need,” said Yang.

Despite his new campaign, Yang said to the newspaper that he plans to continue recording campaign stops within an individual.

CNN has arrived at Yang's president campaign for ideas.

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