$ 120M Les Moonves Expansion Pack A & # 39; balance After New York Times Cover-up details

The CBS header, Les Moonves, has left the $ 120 million package to look slower after bomb New York Times A story that details the efforts the Director had had; Previous to stop investigations that attack bad sex behavior.

A long abdominal posted afternoon afternoon and online with three Times writers have to accept the worst; with Moonves in which allegations came out of the past.

CBS refused to comment on what the news is about; appear. Since the departure of September from Moonves is still new, and there are still reviews of its behaviors, it is appropriate to & # 39; affecting the item.

Les Moonves


The article works on the connection between Moonves and the talented manager of Marv Dauer, who spent three decades to her; Representing clients who come in, including Bobbie Phillips, a 25-year-old adventurer named David. He organized a meeting in 1995 by Moonves, who then became president of Warner Bros. Television and the physical force already behind it, such as ER and FriendsAfter the meeting, Phillips says he appeared and tried to force her to have her oral genre.

In a statement to Times, Moonves said, "I strongly believe that the generic accordion with Ms. Phillips over 20 years ago has been agreeing." Publicist for Moonves did not respond promptly to Messages from the Deadline to # 39; seek further comments.

Along with the special allegations with Phillips, the story recurses a series of text messaging valued in 2017 and 2018 between Moonves and Dauer as the breadth of the searches became apparent. Moonves closed them from an iPad, searching for researchers, but Daer kept them on his head. He also gave permissible statements of text changes to the two law companies that study Moonves.

"I think I'll be O.K., But if Bobbie speaks, I've done it," Moonves texted Davider early. A Times Narrative, the story described, started to call after your ear shortly after the #MeToo move accelerated the last accident that should be done; Seeing Moonves Volatile in a new climate. It would be several months before that New YorkRonan Farrow published two separate articles that were proven to eliminate the molten.

As the Times reporters informed Dauer, the manager continued to try to show her loyalty to the CBS headteacher without going to her; answered, the Times said. When he told Moonves that he did not answer the phone when they were summoned, the former headteacher replied, "Thanks. Pray." Then, a few days later, answered A report similar to the two words: "This is a feeling."

Text translation and other details revealed Times also showing a pattern of Moonves that's Try to draw up exhibitions through the long-term inquiries they also have; trying to bring Phillips into plum work in an effort to win. She had stopped working for a while, but returned to her and said "Moonves" to find a part to "carry on" for her conduct, said the report.

Dauer also played an important part in a strong and moving movement to protect capabilities for a long-term user. Moonves, according to the story, praised a post that pays $ 1,500 on an exhibition from the last spring pilot season called Blood and Treasure, finally pick up the offer to $ 5,000.

David told him Times he is not now Phillips' rule. "I do not know how I got this middle," he said. "I know I'm the key evidence with $ 120 million in place. I can not even think of such a sum of money."

CBS Corp.

He also refused to try to make Moonves a winter. "I would not even know how you will put someone's weight," he said. "It's not in my wild dreams. Yes, I tried to get the parts of my clients. That's my job. That's what the leaders do."

The results of confirmation of lawsuit companies outside the Moonves games will not be published, depending on the settlement it reached by the CBS. But their conclusions will decide whether he or she is worthy of the salary of $ 120 million.

An Times stretch across the transition phase for CBS. The company is led by CEO (Joe Ianniello) and interim board chair (Strauss Zelnick). At the New York business company meeting in New York on December 11th, a selection of new members will be sent to. board. The search for a permanent CEO is not expected to begin in early 2019.

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