Starwatch: supermoon to celebrate vernalx harmony

SThis week will be delivered in the format of the competition. This marks the minute that the day and night are the same. From now on, more hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere than those during the night. This situation is progressing to the next equality (in October) when they will be restored. Time for the equinox to take place at 21:58 GMT on 20 March and, at the same time, the moon will be lit up in bright fashion around four hours later at 01:43. GMT on 21 March. Also with coincidence, this moon is a “great”. A giant happens when the full moon happens near the perigee of the moon, the closest way to Earth. At the beginning of 21 March, the moon is 224,173 miles or 360,772 km away, approximately 20,000km closer to normal. Although the difference in moonlight seems more difficult to the sharp eye, it will raise the tide a few inches higher than normal in most places. The full moon marks the middle of the lunar cycle. The land is now between the moon and the sun, so we can see the prominent surface of the moon as fully lit.

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