Klopp explains Mane's attempt to visit

Sadio Mane of 11 goals in 11 games has not resulted from a major change from Liverpool forward, according to Jürgen Klopp.

In fact, the manager has explained, little that has changed anything to encourage as much energy for No. 10, who has moved to Mohamed Salah as the main Spring program this year.

Mane has just continued to apply his work and responsibilities to all achievements and so deserves the best of his favorite fortune.

And it is not long until the same thing goes for Salah, too, too.

When he was asked Mane's superb form, the boss said to Liverpoolfc.com: “It's in a really great time.

“Sadly was often like this but now it is always in the right place at the right time. In football it is sometimes like this.

“He only did when he was not always in the right place, working and working. That's just what Mo's got to do, just as it is: just work, do the right things and come again.

“It's very unfortunate, where Sadio is immediately lucky – he's in a brilliant shape, that's true.

“But then it is in the right shape and maybe a garden has gone away from me, but someone else put a penny off; the cross from Robbo [at Fulham]I'm sure that Mo will be on the score if Gini doesn't get the ball. Those times… I was an attacker, I also had that, you think, Oh and then someone else missed the chance. That's how it is, good.

“But it's a good time for him [Mane]. ”

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