General Motors settled down 7 plants, dragging from Trump

General Motors said he would have to die at seven plants around the world and his / her; delaying thousands of workers, drawing sharp crushing from Donald Trump, the US president who has improved his political fortune on business revival.

Parts in the largest equipment of the United States closed nearly 5 per cent higher after the motions were announced, which was expected to be a $ 6bn cut in the cost of while MG & run for the domestic market decline and the impact of the world's trade in the world.

Four of the factories are due to be closed next year – two collecting centers and two engines – in the US, including major political states such as Ohio and Michigan, where Mr Trump has given credit to his defense trading policies by " strengthen American business. Fifth plants in Canada are also closed.

Speaking on the White House filling tonight on Monday, Mr Trump said he told Mary Barraigh, GM's head, that he was not "happy" to move.

"General Motors have not been saved in the United States, and it's not good to bring that company out of Ohio," he said, as he asked on GM "to repay something" rather than the lost result. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr Trump said that GM should stop cars in China.

The closure announced on Monday had cuts of around 15 per cent of GM North employees, or 8,000 salary employees. A further 6,000 temporary workers would be deferred or removed.

"We carry out these activities while our company and the economy are strong in order to continue on what we all know become a fragile environments, "said Ms Barra.

Ms Barra's cuts will become the latest MG craftsman to chain jobs among the weak US sales, after Ford's published plans have stopped stopping off. making passenger cars for North America.

They come back behind rising costs, and # 39; dropping off cars and changing customer tasting – in particular, which is a choice; Increasingly in the US for building trucks and sports facilities facilities – craftsmen need to face each other as long as they do. pumping investment in new technologies as a self drive drive.

"There has been a lot of destinations," said Ms Barra, although she refused the company to expect a decline in the US economy.

Most of the factories in the USA Missing work in the north-western states that Mr Trump helped in his election in 2016, including the two car parking centers – Detroit-Hamtramck in Detroit and Assemblystown in Warren, Ohio – and engine engines in the Warren, Michigan Post Office-

Larry Kudlow, director of the White House Economic Council at the White House, met Ms Barra after the news, according to Trump's administrative officer.

The Democrats tried to & # 39; blamed to lie down at Mr Trump's casualties, with Tim Ryan, a Ohio democrat, saying that the president had been "asleep at the change" 39; officers ask for help to keep a lump on Lordstown.

"He left us that the corporate tax cut would have a huge impact on repatriation in our communities," said Mr Ryan. "That is not clear to happen."

MG aims to cut costs with $ 4.5bn and reduce capital cost by $ 1.5bn annually, and doubled facilities on electric cars and devolution over the next two years.

GM and Ford were hit hard with steel and aluminum tanks introduced by Mr Trump as part of their defense trading policy. Both cars say that there is an increase in raw material prices that cost $ 1bn each, because & # 39; Their suppliers are largely home-to-home and price-makers; following the targets.

The two have been blocked by US auto car sales, which lasted last year and are expected to continue on their own. going into the next year. At the same time, consumer requests change, with a shift away from traditional saloons that attack large SUVs and construction.


Number of salaried employees who lose their jobs at MG

Mr Trump said "any move with MG" was "attractive. The car was not sold. "

Ms Barra said GM was trying to do a "business-size" with her & # 39; industry, and increasing the use of the remaining plants in North America. As part of the motions, GM sets several modules, including the Chevrolet Cruze and its; double voltage carriage, when their production programs come to an end.

In addition to the closure of the southwest, MG will not start a new workplace at Oshawa in Ontario, Canada, and the Baltimore engine facility in Mars Mars, Maryland.

Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, wrote on Twitter that he had told Barra his "deep discouragement in the closure".

He said: "MG staff have been part of the heart and soul of Oshawa for generations – and we will do everything we can to help the families affected by this news Get back on their feet. "

GM will also try to close two international plants before the end of next year, even though they did not know where. Over a number of years, its company has been pulled away from markets that, struggle or unwieldy, such as Russia, India and Europe, where he sold the Opel and Vauxhall brands that he lost to Peugeot. Earlier this year he closed a collection center in South Korea.

GM offered a purchase to 18,000 staff last year in the transfer of cost cuts.

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