Climate change: experts who report a five-year global lifeboat and more disasters in the weather | World news

The next five years may be as good as the world has seen, and # 39; Continuing to more severe weather events, assessors have warned.

The Mod Office has predicted that the average temperature between 20 and 15.27C (58.51F and 59.49F) will be between 14.73C and 15.27C, making it more hot than the last four years.

In 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015, the four years out of the recorded heat, the office finished, following a global temperature survey with NASA and other organizations around the world.

In 2018, when it was & # 39; Most of Europe's most populated year, has become the most common fourth since the most popular in the 1880s and 2016 recordings began.

People on the beach in Broadstairs, Kent, as long as the hot weather is a & # 39; going across the country
People who enjoy hot hot 2018 are on the beach at Broadstairs, Kent

The Earth Territorial Group, Petteri Taalas, said in a statement: "The warmest 20 years have been in the last 22 years. The long-term movement is far more important than the number of years, and that move is up, "said Mr Taalas in a statement.

Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam's climate scientist, said in an email: "The move is definitely going, and will continue to do that … those who are & # 39; stay there to deny this truth in taking a physic. "

Firefires in California
Wild fires in the west of the United States cost more than £ 18.5bn ($ 24bn)

It is felt that the effects of temperature rise in the frequency and diversity of bad global climate events, WMO report warning.

Last year, the US suffered 14 bad disasters and climates, such as beetles and wildfires spent more than $ 1bn (£ 773,000) per person, the National Oceanic and Athaliary Administration (NOAA).

Large parts of Florida have suffered a "devastating destruction" after a & # 39; Most of the strongest in the history of the United States was issued to the state of the sun.
Suffering large parts of Florida "undoubtedly destroyed" due to Uachdar Michael

Doran Michael, Doran Florence and the western wildfires cost more than $ 24bn (£ 18.5bn) each.

In other places, it suffers to Greece and its # 39; A wide-ranging wild fire, there were acorns in Australia and South Africa and there were floods in Kerala in India.

Towns in northern Australia Townsville have flooded flooded floods with more water; expectations in the days ahead.
Suffering town of northern Australia Townsville floods scheduled in January 2019

"The effects of long-term global warming are already in the atmosphere – in coastal floods, heat waves, intense shelter and ecosystem change," said Gavin Schmidt, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Space.

The United Nations says that the world is now on the way to increase the temperature of 3C (37.3F) or more over pre-active times by 2100.

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