City of Genoa offers a Copa Libertadores final tour

Martin Ocampo has resigned his position in Buenos Aires when the result of his lost missile is still thrown into uncertainty

The city of Genoa has been offered to keep the second leg of the final Copa Libertadores hosting the British Argentine, Boca Juniors and River Plate.

A first-round Superclassic decision in the history of the Copa Libertadores was first planned for Saturday, but the Boca team bus attacked the delays and removal.

CONMEBOL was expecting the game to go on Sunday but was re-offended, without a new date or place still confirmed by the South American football football regulators.

But Genoa was praised, with the Luigi Ferraris Stadium being put forward as an entertaining venue for his game.

Boca was set up by immigrants coming from Genoa, and one of the clubs that have together has a strong historical link to create the River also with its " Italian city.

Genoa is becoming better as a town after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, which killed dozens of people in August.

"We would be very proud to host important clubs such as Boca and River in our homes to welcome them and, in some ways, Their first home, "said Genoa sports director Stefano Anzalone.

"It would also be another opportunity to provide international visibility in Genoa at this time of difficulty and to make the familiar sense of renewal that historically brings together these societies . "
2018-11-25 Perez Boca Juniors Libertadores 2018

Back in Buenos Aires, at the same time, the security campaign left behind the Boca team bus against hundreds of hostile home fans with little support police & his first political wound.

Home Security Minister Martin Ocampo, scheduled to retire Monday, just after one hour after representatives of the Buenos Aires government reinforced him in his position.

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A meeting will be held on Tuesday to establish a new date and place for the second end of the Copa Libertadores.

Boca, at the same time, has submitted an official request to give the points out of the erased debtor, giving them the new Libertadores campaigns, although the The river argues that the incidents of violence are dependent on security authorities and not the club.

The River obtained two equalities in the first leg at the Bocaone Bombonera stop to balance the Superclassics.

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