39 Sad picture of a buckler's dog being pulled to the lamppost after a self-owner & 39 owner; to remove it

WHITE box was connected to a lamppost in Hull after the owner took them away.

Graham Dobson, who lived in the area, said the dog "was looking well and very sad" and was told that it had been left in the area for more than a time.

    This sad photograph depicted a dog which was abandoned by a large lump in Hull
This sad photograph depicted a dog which was abandoned by a large lump in Hull

Mr Dobson kept an eye out for the owner and sent the dog water when he was waiting. However, when the owner does not appear, he finally called for a dog keeper.

He told the Hull Daily Mail: "I came to work in the morning and found out that the dog had been stuck on the main road and was scared.

“I got information from others that it had been linked to more than an hour, and then gave it food and water for leaving it and never naming the dog keeper. building.

“It was heartbroken that it had been left and how upset it was, for it was a very nice dog and friendly. He was very afraid.

"I don't understand why people wouldn't get a dog out but they love animals and I don't want to see them tried or mistreated.

"He must just have sat there without a sense of why he was left and wonder if his man would come back. I hope now he has been with the keeper of dogs." He has a good house to give it. "

Residents evicted the owner's robots to throw the dog on Scott Street in the north end of the town.

Pamela Jones said: "B ****** Who are they? … it's beautiful … he hopes he will get a loving home."

Gladys Shearsmith said: "He hopes to find a house he deserves. Why would anyone do this?"

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