United twins separated at hospital in Houston discharged | Health

In this April 25, 2018 photograph of Texas Children's Hospital, Dr. Ed Buchanan, pediatric plastic surgeon at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, visits the Hope sisters, on the right , and Anna Richards, of Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. The twins born in 2016 joined in the chest and abdomen and were discharged from the Houston hospital more than three months after the separation surgery. The Texas Children's Hospital on Thursday, April 26, 2018 announced the final step in the recovery of twins. The girls were born on December 29, 2016, at the Texas Children's Pavilion for women in the hospital and were premature, with little more than 35 weeks. The separation surgery was performed on January 13. His mother, Jill, and his brother, Seth, look to the right. (Paul Vincent Kuntz / Texas Children's Hospital via AP)


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