United States withdraws from the UN Global Compact on Migration


The United States has informed the United Nations that it will no longer participate in the Global Compact on Migration.

In 2016, the 193 members of the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously adopted a non-binding political declaration, the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, pledging to defend the rights of refugees, help them to resettle and ensure that have access to education and employment.

The United States mission to the UN said in a statement on Saturday that the statement "contains numerous provisions that are incompatible with US immigration and refugee policies and the immigration principles of the Trump Administration."

The announcement of the United States withdrawal from the pact came hours before the opening of a global conference on migration scheduled to begin on Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The purpose of the meeting is to negotiate human strategies to deal with the more than 60 million people around the world who have been forcibly displaced for various reasons.

Foreign Policy magazine said the president's decision to withdraw "underscored the enduring influence of Stephen Miller, the 32-year-old White House political advisor who has championed the Trump administration's efforts to drastically restrict immigration" I know. UU

The magazine said that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff The sessions "strongly backed a withdrawal."

The United States Ambbadador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, opposed the withdrawal, according to Foreign Policy. She believed that EE. UU It could influence global migration negotiations if it participated in the Mexico meeting, according to the magazine, but was "rejected by the president."

Haley issued a statement on Saturday, saying that "The United States is proud of our immigrant heritage and our long-standing moral leadership in providing support to migrant and refugee populations around the world … But our decisions on immigration policies should always be taken only by Americans and Americans. "

She said: "We will decide how to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country.The global approach to the New York Declaration is simply not compatible with the sovereignty of the United States."

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