United States climber dies climbing the highest mountain in Mexico


Mexican officials say they have mobilized rescue efforts in recent days for at least nine climbers on the highest mountain in Mexico. Among them is an American climber who died.

The regional civil defense coordinator, José Luis Palma, says that six other climbers have been rescued and the searchers are trying to get two more from the Orizaba Peak of 18,619 feet between the states of Puebla and Veracruz. 19659002] Palma says that climbers have not taken adequate precautions for hard ice on the slopes.

The American climber was killed in an accident on Thursday and a companion was rescued on Friday. Another five people were rescued in an operation that began on Friday. At least some were injured.

Palma says that a helicopter has located two other climbers and was trying to reach them on Sunday before the weather worsened.



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