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United is planning premium economy class on international flights

United Airlines plans to launch a premium economy class, joining rivals who have launched the most spacious and expensive seats on international flights.

United will join rivals Delta and American, as well as a number of international airlines that have already launched a premium economy.

It is not clear The rate differences for the premium economy vary, but a recent search for a flight from Philadelphia to Paris in the American premium economy in February Airlines showed a rate that was 27 percent more exp More than a seat in a regular technician's cabin.

United executives are likely to provide more details about the launch during their investor day. and presentation of earnings next Tuesday after the market closes.

Airlines, including United, are in the process of dividing their cabins into smaller classes, which aim to increase passenger revenue.

United last year launched its basic economics class in all US markets. UU In exchange for a lower fare, passengers in basic economy can not select their seats, the last table and can not make changes to their tickets. In the United States and the United States, they can not use higher compartments. Executives from Delta and Americans have said that about half of the passengers choose the highest economic fare to avoid the no-frills class.

In addition to basic economics, United is struggling to equip its aircraft with seats for its new executive class. called Polaris.

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