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United Arab Emirates says Qatar aircraft intercepted two commercial flights

The United Arab Emirates said Qatar warplanes intercepted two commercial Emirati planes bound for Bahrain on Monday, an allegation that Qatar denies.

The claim comes days after Qatar also accused UAE military jets of violating its airspace, claiming that the United Arab Emirates denied

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority qualified the alleged Qatari interception Monday as "a flagrant and serious threat to the safety of civil aviation and a clear violation of international laws and conventions".

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Civilian airplanes, which were en route to Bahrain International Airport, had all the necessary permits for your travels, added the Emirates aviation authority in a report on the state – a WAM news agency.

One of the aircraft was an aircraft of the Emirates airline, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain.

According to the flight tracking websites Flight Radar 24 and Flight Aware, the flight, Emirates 837, landed in Bahrain on Monday morning about an hour after its scheduled arrival time. The sites also show that the flight took off one hour late. CNN has contacted Emirates for comments.

It is not clear to which airline it belonged or if it disembarked in Bahrain, as planned.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain said in a statement that "Qatar's hostile behavior" against civilian aircraft has become frequent in recent times "and" represents a threat to the lives of civilians ".


Qatar Accuses the UAE

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Lolwah Alkhater denied the claims on her official Twitter account and said they were "completely false".

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The alleged outbreak of incident occurs days after Qatar submitted a report to the The UN Security Council said the military aircraft of the United Arab Emirates violated Qatar's airspace, the Foreign Ministry of Qatar said in a statement.

The ambassador of Qatar The UN, Alya Al Thani, described the incidents as a "flagrant violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State of Qatar, as well as a flagrant violation of the provisions of international law, conventions, statutes and international norms" . according to the statement.

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, responded by condemning Qatar's complaints on its official Twitter page, calling the accusations "incorrect" and "confusing".

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The latest allegation of flight interceptions comes after a member of Qatar's royal family said on Sunday that he is being held against his will in the UAE, a claim disputed by the UAE government, which said that can move freely at will.

Qatari Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, brother of the former Qatari ruler, said in a video on Twitter that he is "in a state of bondage" in Abu Dhabi.

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The United Arab Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, cut diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar last year. They accused Qatar of financing terrorism, an accusation that it denies.

Gulf neighbors have also criticized Qatar for an increasingly close relationship with Iran.

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