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Unicode 11.0 Beta adds some new Emoji but removes the old ones

The Unicode Consortium has released its latest draft of new emojis that could be included in the next version of Unicode. As part of the newest list, the emoji set will take the name of Emoji 11.0, instead of the expected name of Emoji 6.0. This is due to alignment issues and the move will bring the latest draft in line with the next Unicode 11.0 standard. The Unicode Consortium has included 130 new emojis possible, which will be reviewed before the final cut is announced in March, although it will be a few months before Google's tastes include the new emoji in their Android launches.

Seeing the new list, the majority is composed of emojis related to emoticons and people, with 82 drafts included. Between them there are cold and hot faces, a drunk emoji and even puppy eyes. Emoji 11.0 could also be configured to include a number of emoji superheroes and supervillains. Apart from this, the list of standard emoji people seems to have been significantly expanded, with the introduction of emoji redhead and characters with curly hair. Not only this, but represents the previous generation is a new set of white hair emoji, while those who are bald could also be represented if they are included in the final list. When moving away from the upper half of the body, Unicode 11.0 could also present emoji of legs, feet, bones and teeth. Other additions to the list include a lab coat, glasses and even hiking boots. The Consortium has also created a new emoji of hippos, kangaroos and mosquitoes, as well as new emoji of bagel, cupcake and mango. The final additions to the list include items ranging from a safety pin and fire extinguisher to a roll of toilet paper and a broomstick, with other emoji representing random elements such as a teddy bear, test tube and a puzzle also included in the list. [19659002] The latest emoji draft is based on the previous draft released in August, although it also eliminates some potential candidates; The sad emoji poo, the OK face and the question mark face are no longer included. However, the emoji that are part of Emoji 11.0 are expected to support different directions, which means that users can send an emoji from a runner to the left or right, while vehicles and other emoji could also support the function . As confirmed by the Unicode Consortium, this new expanded list is simply a draft for now, with the final list set to be chosen in January, although an announcement will not happen until March, and the actual release of Android will likely take place in June. [19659004]
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