Unexpected workaround resolves widespread Android Auto Music problem

The rollout of Android 11 is both good news and bad news for Android Auto users, as new operating system versions also come with a series of bugs for a behind the wheel experience.

And one of the most widespread is a glitch that is causing music splashes during playback, even if for the application that is being used to stream audio on Android Auto.And while Google has so far been well-versed on it, there has been no other but an unexpected improvement online. So here we know everything by now.

First and foremost, similar issues have been around for some time, but after the Android 11 update, they have become more widespread when running Android Auto with a USB cable. Most users started complaining that the new OS version is the one that triggered the bug in their case, and that the upgrade to Android 10 reportedly made things back to normal.

Then, it seems that the Google Pixel 4a is a device often suffering from music cutout problems. Android 11 is currently only available for select phone models, and the entire Google Pixel series is among the devices already supported.

The bug occurs regardless of the application that is being used to listen to music, including Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer here. All of these are affected by the music skipping bug only after the Android 11 update.

And now, the workaround. Unless you think otherwise that location services have nothing to do with the music experience in the car, it seems that simply turning off location tracking on the device is enough to normalize things.

The fix was published on Reddit a few hours ago by the owner of Google Pixel 4a, and several others have already confirmed that after disabling location services, the problem of music skipping has gone away.

The obvious drawback here is that disabling location services on Android devices is not the most convenient solution for Android Auto, especially because it makes too many navigation apps, such as Google Maps and Waze, rather useless because they are no longer there. Able to determine your location.


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