Unemployment debate leads to GOP split

A growing floor battle over unemployment insurance is putting a spotlight on GOP divisions about how to replace the $ 600 per week federal benefit.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnellEdison (Mich.) Mitchell McConnellProfessional Sports Players Association Against Coronavirus Liability Protection Democratic leaders report ‘some progress’ in talks with White House, requesting top GOP senator agencies to protect Ranger, coronovirus assistance Bank for negotiation (R-Ky.) This week is set to bring a debate to a head, with Republican leaders said they are eager to hold on to the votes that Democrats will go into the record as bipartisan talks on the broader coronovirus package remain.

But floor votes could also highlight differences among 53 Senate Republicans who have struggled to agree on what to do about the federal gains that ended last week.

“What’s the best solution? Maybe in the next few days we will know something, ”said Sen. John thunThe John Randolph Thunesenet GOP said whether they would fill the Supreme Court vacancy. Frustration creates negotiators’ struggle to reach COVID-19 deal as stalemate and negotiations to end unemployment benefits as coronovirus (SD), No. 2 Senate Republican. “I think it’s likely that we’ll have some offers that won’t be met until 50. … I think it’s a question of finding that sweet spot, and finding out who wins.”

Sen Chuck GrassleyCharles (Chuck) Ernest Grasslannet GOP divided over whether they will fill Supreme Court vacancy. Republicans reject Trump’s proposal to delay election, timeline for GOP’s Obama investigation report as president’s eyes Slips into (R-Iowa), who heads the finance committee, said that “there are a large number who think we should do nothing” above the unemployment benefits already provided by the states.

As part of the record $ 2.2 trillion cars act in late March, Congress agreed to provide federal payments of $ 600 per week in addition to state unemployment. But the plus-up period ended on Friday night, creating new uncertainty for the nearly 30 million Americans who have filed applications for unemployment insurance since the onset of the coronovirus epidemic.

Congressional Democrats and the Trump administration are at loggerheads to change federal payments, with Democrats proposing to expand the amount to $ 600 early next year, and the Senate GOP in favor of a transition to a 70 percent Cage match that Will last. Of the year.

But Meconnell said that during the talks “no progress is taking place anywhere else”, Republicans are now eager to hold the vote and show that they are trying to advance the low unemployment benefit law, even if it is unsuccessful , Because the virus has caused an economic decline, even affecting financial pain for unemployed Americans.

“We need to move things and this speeds things up. Our people want to vote, they want to prove that they are moving the ball down the field and the Democrats want to block. “It exposes. And hopefully, it will get serious about actually sitting down and working on a solution. “

McConnell has not revealed what proposal he will start with, and did not carry out his plan during the Senate’s brief remarks Monday, but GOP senators hope he will try to bring a measure from the first censor. Ron johnsonRonald (Ron) Harold Johnson This Week: August Break Loom as Negotiator for Coronovirus Deal Shows Sunday Break Preview: White House, Democratic Leaders Struggle for Deal on Coronovirus Bill Frustration of Negotiator to Reach Frustration COVID-19 Deal Forms the form. (R-Wiz.) And Mike braunMichael BraunThis Week: August breaks loom as negotiators hunt for coronovirus deal. Desperation builds as negotiator deadlock talks to end unemployment benefits as coronovirus to reach COVID-19 deal (R- Ind.) Which would eventually provide a two-thirds match to a person’s previous wage.

GOP senators said the time and order of potential proposals are in flux as Republicans try to figure out who can gain the most support and monitor bipartisan negotiations, which negotiators described as productive But one is far from final deal.

“There was no decision on that. … They are considering a universe of options, ”Sen said. John cornynJohn Corninthis week: August breaks loom as negotiators hunt for coronovirus deal. Frustration builds as negotiators struggle to reach the COVID-19 deal. Ernst support for consulates and more (R-Texas), asked about the timing of floor votes after the GOP leadership meeting.

A GOP senator admitted that McConnell “told us he was not sure yet” on which resolution the debate would begin last week “and he is still not sure.”

A proposal under discussion would be a measure from the censor. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) And Mike Braun (R-Ind.) Who would eventually provide two-thirds of a person’s previous salary.

He says, “We cannot give unemployment to anyone because they were on their jobs.” I support a temporary boost in unemployment benefits that fixes this problem by adding to debt or trillion DC pet projects, ”Braun said.

The proposal would see federal benefits capped at $ 500 per week, and if a state could not make that transition, the federal government would instead provide a flat $ 200 per week.

But the Johnson-Braun proposal is expected to compete with other GOP ideas, underscoring the divisions within the caucus.

Cornyn said he was undecided on the Johnson-Braun amendment, “I think there could be many different proposals for which we would have a chance to vote.”

“I would say the only consensus is that we don’t want to pay people to work instead of work,” Cornyn said. When asked about the consensus for how to do this, he said, “This is the hard part.”

Sens. Mitt RomneyWillard (mitt) Mitt Romneysenet GOP split on whether they will fill Supreme Court vacancy, Stimulus Czech debate now focused on size, eligibility CNN chyron says ‘nah’ for Trump’s claim about Russia (R. Utah), Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collinsobama announces that first wave of 2020 Senate GOP is divided over whether they will fill a Supreme Court vacancy on the trail: First signs after Trump GOP MORE (R-Men) and Martha McSallyMartha Elizabeth McSleone The Trail: A Post-Trump GOP Dead End of Coronovirus Talks to End as First Signs of Unemployment Benefits McConnell Showdown on Unemployment Benefits (R-Ariz.) Introduced his bill, which he hopes will get him a vote in the Senate debate. Their measure would give states two options to receive federal unemployment benefits.

One would provide, when state and federal benefits are combined, an 80 percent salary replacement. States will also have the option of taking a flat weekly amount, which starts as $ 500 per week in August, then decreases to $ 400 in September and $ 300 in October.

“Unemployed workers should not be left in the border while Congress continues to negotiate the next relief package,” Romney said in a statement. “Our solution provides complementary benefits for three months and encourages states to update them [unemployment insurance] Processing system. “

Republicans see the previous $ 600-per-week gains as too lenient, arguing that it is a disinfectant for some individuals to return to work, stalling an economy already in further recession.

“Unemployment is considered a salary replacement, so it should be linked to some percentage of wages,” Treasury Secretary Steven MnuchinSteven Turner MnuchinTrump would not say whether he did not agree with Birx that the virus is widespread over money: Democratic leaders report ‘some progress’ in stimulus talks. Prosecutors hinted at investigation into ‘potentially widespread and rampant criminal conduct in the Trump Organization’, ‘Democratic leaders report some progress in negotiations with White House MORE’ Told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “The fact that we had a flat number was just an emergency issue where we had a 30-year-old computer system.”

As part of their March debate on the CARES Act, Republicans tried to cap unemployment benefits at 100 percent of a person’s previous wages. But they were told by the Department of Labor that due to outdated government technology, they would not be able to make that change easily. Some states have also warned that it may take weeks if not months to include the percentage instead of the flat amount.

But Sen. Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin Grahamboma announced that Trump banned Tickcock for 45 days in first wave of 2020: Report this week: Negotiator looms more for coronovirus deal as August breaks (RS.C.) said on Monday that it would introduce a resolution as part of the Senate debate on whether unemployment benefits should be the same as a person’s previous salary.

“It’s the 21st century, already enough,” Graham said. “All I am saying is that I want to change your wages, but you should not pay.”


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