Unemployment benefits: Trump’s payments almost cease to begin

At least a dozen states have begun paying hundreds of dollars to their unemployed residents from the Lodge Wages Assistance Program, which Trump authorized last month. But at least one state, Texas, has already announced a weekly boost.

The president created the program through an executive action after the president failed to act on a $ 600 unemployment benefit increase, which ended in late July. This measure provides $ 300 per week to some unemployed Americans using the federal Disaster Relief Fund for a limited time. Only those who qualify for at least $ 100 in state benefits are eligible, and payments are retrospective in early August.

Some 48 states, the District of Columbia and Guam, have already been approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, with only South Dakota turning down federal help. Nevada only has not yet been approved.

FEMA said on Wednesday that states would be given six weeks of increased payment. So far, it has disbursed $ 30 billion of the available $ 44 billion.

States have the option of adding $ 100 per week in payments. At least four states – Kansas, Kentucky, Montana and West Virginia – have elected to do so.

Many out-of-work Texans, however, are seeing their federal supplements run out. FEMA informed the Texas Workforce Commission that the program would end after the week ending Sept. 5, although the unemployed would continue to receive state benefits, the state agency said Wednesday. Texas was one of the first states to begin the program, sending initial payments at the end of August for the first three weeks of the month.

About 1.7 million Texans currently receive unemployed benefits, but approximately 348,000 claimants are not eligible for an additional $ 300.

Meanwhile, other states are just starting to implement the program. The state Labor and Workforce Development Agency said on Monday that Californians have started receiving benefits this week. Some will receive $ 900 outright for the first three weeks of August. The state has been approved to distribute a total of $ 1,500, but is applying for a sixth week of benefits.

And Florida residents will start receiving three weeks worth of August payments this week, said Ron DeSantis on Tuesday.

However, other states have said they need more time. Although Colorado was one of the first states to be approved, its Department of Labor and Employment estimates that residents will not begin receiving funds from mid-September to late September.

Meanwhile, how much the Congress is struggling to provide assistance to the unemployed. Senate Republicans this week drafted a thin-skinned version of their coronovirus relief bill, which would give a $ 300 weekly boost to the rest of the jobbers. On the other hand, House Democrats want to continue the $ 600 supplement until early next year.

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