Undertale’s surprise concert finds internet in her emotions

Heartfelt role play Undertale September 15 celebrated its fifth anniversary, and to mark the occasion, the merch website Fungamere and Japanese locals organized an extensive, epic concert 8-4. An orchestra got together and played several of the game’s iconic tracks, all of which were plush UndertaleAnnoying dogs monitor the proceedings.

The concert starts at around the 45-minute mark in the video above, and is well worth watching. If nothing else, you should absolutely tune into the singing of Livestream of Megalovania around 2:54:00 timestamp. This is, by any means, more majestic than you might expect.

Perhaps this is why many of the people watching the concert last night got absolutely into their feelings about the game. The top comment on the YouTube video says, “I cried twice over the whole thing.” I revealed the same sentiment on my Twitter timeline, where people reminisced about the game’s highlights and what it meant when they played it. It was a total mood out of the general dismal and terrible situation of the year. Undertale At its heart, there is an optimistic play about friendship and love. For those of us living in a country that proudly displays How little nonsense some people give about their neighbors, UndertaleA concert was a much needed relief.

You don’t think that’s the way most people talk Undertale, although. Humble RPGs have been hated over the years and driven by hatred thanks to a hyper dynamic that had very specific ideas about the “right” way to play. Undertale.

But how does a phoenix reach that point in the first place? Something would have moved them, you would imagine. And that, after all, is a legacy about which meme and punchline cannot be erased. Undertale. There is a reason Undertale It is such a youth sport, all things told, and yet it can seriously be considered one of the greatest sports of all time. There is a reason Undertale Like was enough to join the game Super Smash Bros., A fighting game honoring classic games affecting the industry.

people love Undertale In such a spectacular way, because it was a fantastic game, and it is not something we often see in this place. It is much easier to be ironic, negative, or splatter than doing the quiet work of being weak. Even if you don’t like the game, you can’t play Undertale Without realizing that Toby Fox cares deeply. And, more fundamentally, that Undertale Wants you To care beyond the normal impulse to try and win a game. In a medium where sports are often more entertaining, only to entertain you or keep your attention for as long as possible; Undertale Heavy compassion is a rare experience.

It was all screened on social media on 15 September, where people gathered to celebrate both the high-produced concert and the game’s fifth anniversary through honest posts and great fan art. Below, a small selection. Enjoy it.