Undertaker creator Toby Fox provides progress updates on the second chapter of Deltarune

See, this is a giant toilet. (Image: tuyoki / @tobyfox)

Toby Fox – Most Famous as Creator of Cult-Hit Undertale And the guy who composed the music Pokémon Sword and Shield – Have shared a very brief Deltarune Chapter 2 progress update.

In a follow-up tweet to his original post featuring a picture of a giant sprite-based toilet @tuyoki, He mentioned how the second chapter “was going well” and it all felt good.

“By the way, the development of Chapter 2 is going well! Definitely what else to say, but I feel positive about it.”

While there is no release date for additional chapters of the game right now, it is good to at least know that everything is going smoothly.

Deltarune Chapter 1 The Switch was originally released as a free download on eShop last February – so give it a go if you haven’t already. You can also read our review, where we awarded this first chapter seven stars out of ten.

Are you excited to experience the rest of Delatrune? Did you play the original chapter? Please leave a comment below.


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