Unboxing Google’s launch night inbox [Video]

Now it’s time for you to enjoy the brand new Google Cohort. To celebrate “Launch Night In” for the first time, Google sent some special surprise kits to select media and influencers. But just what comes in? How we unbox the special Chromecast kit and run it by hand.

As we mentioned, the launch night in event is Google’s first-only livestream with several major hardware products announced, but the company has really leaned into the idea that product launch events are the new Netflix bingeing sessions.

Considering Launch Night is a strange kit or a little bit of a care package to get it happening during the day. With that, it is still a top tier breakfast and a selection of entertainment for those fortunate enough to receive a surprise care package from the big “G”.

What’s inside

  • Chamomile Tea with Porter Mug
  • Chromecast with Google TV
    • Chromecast
    • remote controlled
  • Corn slag
  • Skittles
  • Starburst
  • Socks

Upon opening, the Launch Night in Kit is a stop-shop for a quiet, laid-back night in front of your TV, capturing the all-new Google release. This is a completely new way to package the brand new Chromecast – a completely different device from the previous model.

We will be reviewing it in full in the coming days – after very brief hands-on of the new Chromecast, which costs $ 49 for the updated hardware.

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